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A Guide to Sightseeing in Finland

Date 15 Oct 2014 | Posted by Linda Paul

The beautiful Scandinavian country of Finland has a lot to offer. Compared to other most visited countries by tourists it is the most popular destination. A lot of people go there for sight-seeing. There are thousands of lakes located in Finland and for this reason it is known as a water country. Many people coming here for vacation need some sort of travel guideline to Finland. This is, so that they can enjoy fully the places worth mentioning. Once here they will certainly enjoy Finnish outdoor adventures like fishing, swimming or hiking around the famous lakes. They can also enjoy a hot comfortable sauna or taste the delicious food while barbecuing.

The geographical features of Finland are such that it is a collection of many islands. Being a unique holiday destination, Finland does not just attract Europeans but people from around the world. It is surrounded by countries like Russia, Norway and Sweden. The nation is rich with natural beauty and you can find mountains, forests, beaches and world famous lakes.

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure
Day by day, Finnish tourism is developing and expanding. The reason being that the government has created an environment where families can stay in self-catering apartments and enjoy the natural wonders like lakes, independently. They can also hire cottages to stay at their favorite locations. It is surely an important item on a travel guideline to Finland. This country has the best scenery, in all the European countries, and the forests rich with wildlife.


Having more than 30 National Parks, the country entertains tourists who are fond of vacationing in parks and open grasslands. Huts and accommodation can be rented-out and they can even enjoy biking or walking around the place, in the natural setting.

History And Culture

Olavinlinna castle
The famous 15th century castle, Olavinlinna castle is located in the town of Savolinna. It is a grand castle and in it you can find original items and objects, belonging to the castle. The castle museum holds exhibitions and visitors can experience history. Rent-able cottages can be hired for stay, near to the castle.


An important travel guideline to Finland cannot forget to mention the beautiful lakes, of this country. Punkaharju Ridge is a notable tourist attraction, where people come. The lakes can be found around this place and accommodation is available.

One of the largest and beautiful lakes of Europe can be experienced here, and is known as the Saimaa Lake.

Cold Weather

Cold weather
Due to Finland being exposed to sub-Arctic climate, there is extreme cold here,
and severely cold winters in some places. People take advantage of this phenomena and enjoy skiing in the ideal weather.

Midnight Sun

Midnight sun
One exciting thing about this country is that some parts of the land are above the Arctic Circle. Therefore, occurrences like the Midnight sun can occur. This is a very rare spectacle so visitors must not miss it.

Finland, is an excellent Western European country to visit and has its’ own wonders.

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