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How I Discovered Life by Taking a Trip to an Unknown Place

Date 14 Sep 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

trip to an unknown place

I have always been lured by secret, unknown places. Away from all the tourists, away from the glitz and glam. It’s often a relief to get away from all the crowd and embrace the simple joys of life, all that when you take a trip to an unknown place.

The world has hidden gems waiting to get explored. The journey to dream, explore and discover life began fifteen years back in time. It turned me from a tourist to an explorer, a planner to a dreamer. A trip to an unknown place ended up in discovering life. Hear my story of an evolution of a traveler.

An Escape From Stress

escape from stress I have been the victim of trip planning. It puts you through endless pressure. The stress to travel the right way, the pressure to follow the path of tourists. It’s fascinating until you realize you can do better than ticking off those famous tourist traps.

My wanderlust of secret places led me to the conclusion that travel can be free of stress. Picking up a map, taking unknown paths is just as amazing. From the ruins of North Africa to the magical French Islands, the urge to wander makes you face life like never before.

The Joyful Routes

joyful routes The moment I took the unknown routes, I realized for the first time that life truly is a journey itself. Our love for destinations often makes us forget about the joy of the journey itself. A drive through the breathtaking highlands and voyages through the deepest oceans is overpowering. Your existence gets connected to the world, and you realize your undying capacity to make your dreams come true. Spotting the weather changes and hearing the birdsong, journeys that the heart feel and the words can’t do justice to.


simplicity A few years back, I returned from a mind-blowing trip to Italy and my friends couldn’t stop asking me about how wondrous Venice was and the grandeur of the famous Colosseum.

But I had skipped all that.

Santa Maria dell’Isola? Does it exist on this planet?

It was a trip to an unknown place, not known as what makes Italy so tempting to visit. The buzz of Milan was missing, the touristy ambiance of Rome was not to be seen everywhere. But that didn’t stop me from having the time of my life.

Traveling to unknown paths, escaping to ordinary street markets and cycling around roads tourists afraid to take made me come to terms with a life-long lesson I’ll never let go. Simplicity is empowering. Freeing yourself from the shackles of complicated planning is a freedom that makes living worth it.

The Tales of Ordinary Beings

ordinary beings From Ulaanbaatr to Vientiane, I have met countless people on my travels. People who are so extraordinary in the way they live and see life, yet people who would never make it to the search engines for their fame.

The tale of ordinary beings opened a new perspective to life. I’ve lived my entire life in the lively city with privileges and comforts I thought I deserved. The journey of a trip to an unknown place is what made me realize that despite being miles apart when it comes to norms and culture, we’re alike in so many ways. It helped me to embrace new cultures with grace, to respect differences and not impose the developed side of the world to these people who were living simple yet extraordinary lives.

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