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How To Book Cheap Flights To Rome

Date 15 Feb 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


Rome is among the top ten destinations worth visiting in 2018. It has a rich history, it’s beautiful and it’s the ideal place for a family vacation. Summer is the perfect time to visit Rome, but since its peak holiday season tickets can tend to be on the expensive side. Below are some incredible travel hacks that will help you secure cheap flights to Rome.

1. Book Your Flight Early

This little travel hack has been preached for decades, and it’s only because there is truth to it. If you want to book cheap flights to Rome then you need to do it a couple of months in advance. Airlines release flights almost a year in advance so because it’s easier for people to plan their trips and save money. The earlier you book your ticket the cheaper it’ll be. Try to book the ticket at least three months in advance, if two to three months isn’t possible for you. The closer the date of departure draws there, the airline starts increasing the price of the ticket.

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2. Use Travel Search Engines

Even though a lot of frequent travelers think travel search engines are marketing tools, they’re actually pretty handy. Why? Well, you can customize the results you want to your specifications, and all coordinating results will line up. You can easily check which airline is providing the cheapest ticket, and you can also check what the cheapest day to fly to Rome is. Some airlines have also partnered with sites such as Expedia and realize collaborative offers that are exclusive to the website.

3. Use Your Airline Miles

If you’re an airline loyalty member then this is the time to use those miles. if you haven’t signed up to one then we recommend that you do so as soon as possible. In order to earn extra airline miles, we also recommend you sign up to a travel reward card or a co-branded credit card.

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With every purchase that you make you’ll earn airline miles. Some travel reward cards give 2x points with every purchase. Since summer is a couple of months away, you still have time to earn a decent amount of airlines miles. You can use them to get discount, upgrades and much more. Don’t worry if you’re a couple of thousand miles short of the desired number because you can always buy the remaining miles from mileage brokers. Mileage brokers sell airline miles at a very cheap price that rivals the prices of airlines themselves.

4. Get A Help Of A Travel Agent

Even though travel agents don’t seem very relevant in today’s time, they’re actually very helpful when it comes to booking cheap tickets. They know the exact steps to take to secure a reasonably priced airline ticket and they’re always happy to help customers.

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5. Budget-Friendly Airlines

You can also opt for budget-friendly airlines as well because as the name suggests their tickets are reasonably priced. They offer fewer services than their more expensive counterparts, but still, provide quality for their customers. At the end of the day, you’re saving hundreds of dollars.

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