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How to Easily Book Cheap Hotel Rooms All Over The World

Date 27 Jul 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul

cheap hotel rooms

Even though I’m all for toughing it out at a hostel (or any other form of cheap accommodation), if you’re on a tight budget, there is something about a luxurious hotel room that is more appealing, right? The room is clean, there is a comfortable bed (instead of bunks) and all the other necessities that one finds cheap hotel rooms. The only downside is the inflated price that is attached to most of the hotel rooms.

1. How you can book a cheap hotel

book a cheap hotel
Someone who wants to book a hotel globally recognized should check the hotel’s website for the best deals. Luxury hotels usually offer the best deals and promotions on their own website, and if you find a better deal somewhere else, they’ll match it. Direct booking with a luxury hotel is beneficial because you’ll earn loyalty points, which can be earned and used at different branches around the world. For those who love earning and using points, don’t book your rooms elsewhere!

2. Call and get a bargain

Call and get a bargain
Those who aren’t sold by the deals that are being offered online can easily call the hotel and ask for a better one. Yes, that actually happens and in most cases the hotel does try to accommodate your budget. If you call them off season or in the middle of the week, there is more of a chance that they will comply and give you a better deal.

3. Use your loyalty reward points

loyalty reward points
There is even a possibility of getting a free room in a luxury hotel! Yes, you read that right! Isn’t staying for free the best way to stay at a hotel? I certainly think so. You can earn hotel reward points by using their branded credit cards, shopping websites, and various other travel hacking methods. Once you have earned a substantial amount of reward points, you can use them towards paying for your next trip.

4. Get a discounted gift card

discounted gift card
This is not the most conventional method of getting a cheap hotel room, but, in my opinion, it is always better to think outside the box and save a little money. So many people I know have used my advice and have bought discounted hotel gift cards to book major hotels. Websites like Giftcardgranny.com sell gift cards of major hotel chains, spas and even Starbucks. You’ll be saving a couple of hundred dollars with this method.

5. Purchase someone else’s booking with Roomer

booking with Roomer
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, a lot of people end up cancelling reservations at the last minute. Hotels, being the profit-oriented business they are, hate the thought of losing that money, so they put the rooms on Roomer for a discounted price. I haven’t personally used the website before, but I have heard great things about it. It is great for getting bargain deals on hotels that are normally very expensive.

6. Get discounts with AAA or AARP

discounts with AAA or AARP
If you are a member of either of these two groups, you can have access to rates that are cheaper. If you’re not a member, rest assured anyone can join the AARP. Being a member is beneficial because they have great travel benefits.

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