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How To Enjoy The Rio Carnival Like A Local

Date 11 May 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


Rio de Janeiro is famous for plenty of reasons. Of course, everyone knows about the vibrant Rio Carnival. From the fascinating costumes to Samba, there’s so much to keep you amused and entertained. With less than 300 days left for the Carnival, it’s best to begin planning!

For those of you who don’t know much about it, let’s begin with some introduction. Brazil hosts amazing fiestas every year, and this Carnival is one of these. Despite the name, it is celebrated at many spots in Brazil. Rio is only one of these. Beginning from a Friday afternoon, the festivities last till the following Wednesday. If you’re in for the celebrations, let us begin by warning you about something. It is very happening! Day and night, houses, streets, shops and bars are taken over by the festivities.

The Carnival can be split into two major happenings. The first part is in Sambódromo where all the parades take place. The second, equally great part of it takes place on the streets. The most amazing part about this carnival is that the streets are the liveliest, even better than the bars and restaurants!

For first timers to Brazil, the Carnival festivities can be very overwhelming. Wouldn’t you want to conceal in the crowds and enjoy the celebrations just the way the locals do? Here’s a guide to help you enjoy the Rio Carnival like a local!

1. Pronounce It Right!

Even when you are dressed at your best, how do the locals identify you’re a foreigner? Of course, through the way you speak. So keeping everything aside, if you wish to enjoy the festival like a real local you need to learn to say it in the correct manner. Practice your Portuguese skills and you’re half way there. Remember that in Brazil, carnival is actually CAHR-NAH-VAHU. Yes, repeat it until you get that perfect!

2. Dress Well

Rio Carnival

Let’s warn you something about dressing. It will be miserably hot during the carnival days. To survive this in the best manner, you need to be comfortable with what you wear. Now you’ll come across plenty of people who have gone an extra mile with their costumes. You could do that too, or simply get away with some head decorations. Masks and floral necklaces do an equally good job here! Wearing a swimming costume underneath your dress is sensible because you’re likely to get wet every now and then.

There’ll be a lot of people unapologetically stepping on your toes because of the endless crowds. Wearing sneakers is a sensible option instead of flip flops. Even if you don’t manage to get hold of the accessories for your costume, you’ll come across plenty of street vendors. However, ensure that you bargain well!

3. Stay Healthy To Truly Enjoy The Rio Carnival

The locals are always accustomed to the endless festivities. They might be new to you. Since the carnival lasts for a long time, it is better if you make an effort to stay healthy. Sadly, a lot of tourists fall sick and have to miss out on many festivities.

The weather can really make you dehydrated. It’s important to drink lots of water every now and then. Sadly, the abuse of alcohol makes everyone forget water altogether. Don’t make this mistake because the weather is surely going to drain you out. Make sure you dab your sunscreen at all times!

Another thing about the Carnival is that you’ll come across plenty of hotdogs and hamburgers. Always difficult to resist! However, eating healthy is high recommended. Make the most out of your stay in the tropical country through eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Protecting your feet is another ordeal at the carnival. People will throw plenty of stuff on the streets and you’ll have to walk for a long time. Mind your steps!

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