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How To Find Cheap Flights Easily Throughout The Year

Date 6 Aug 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


For every budget traveler out there, planning a trip ahead of time is a must in order to ensure everything fits within the budget. It’s the airline ticket that usually costs the most, and causes the most stress. How does one find cheap flights easily? Most importantly does such a thing like a cheap flight actually exist? You’re free to take a sigh of relief because, yes, cheap flights are out there, and all you have to do is look in the right place. This is how you can save up on airfare throughout the year.

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1. You Don’t Have To Follow The Rules

Most frequent flyers will list down everything they can remember from the rulebook that goes with booking cheap flights. These “rules” have often proven true, but they’re not set in stone. Some of these rules include booking an airline ticket months in advance, booking on a Tuesday, booking a ticket on a Wednesday (notice the contradiction right there?) and being flexible with dates. These are not the only proven ways to book cheap flights.

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2. Cheap Flights Available With A Click Of A Button

In order to get the best deals on cheap flights, you can search travel websites such as Fareoair which is the ultimate platform to plan a dream holiday without breaking the bank. Website such as Fareoair is essential to a great budget-friendly holiday because all the unlisted discounted fares of different airlines are in one place.

The website compares airline prices for its customers so they can conveniently compare airline prices by both affordability and dates.

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3. Sign Up To The Newsletter For Price Alerts

With this feature, customers can get the latest quotes on the available cheap flights to your desired destination. The newsletter or the price alert option monitors your requirements and sends out an alert as soon as something falls within budget, allowing you to book an affordable trip without any hassle.

4. Unpublished Fares

There are special unpublished fares that we at Fareoair don’t publish on the homepage. Those who are interested in trying out these deals have to fill out a form with their entire trip details and an agent will get in touch with the special rates.

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Travelers will be required to fill in their personal information, along with the details of their trip. The company prides itself on its privacy policy, and thus ensures customers complete protection. Rest assured the information that you enter will not be given to a third party or leaked online.

5. More Than Just Cheap Flights

When planning your trip with the help of Fareoair you have access to affordable car rental prices and best hotel deals at your destination. At the end of the day, you’re not only booking a cheap flight, but you’re also saving on other aspects of the trip as well like renting a car and a hotel, which we all know can end up being extremely expensive.

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6. The Price Is More Important Than The Destination

If you’re on a budget and looking for cheap flights, then it’s worth noting that the price of the ticket is more important than your desired destination. The Maldives, for example, is one of the most coveted holiday spots in the world, and it is also one of the most expensive as well. On the other hand, Sri Lanka is on the affordable end of the spectrum, and while it may not offer the glamor of Maldives, it does have its own unique appeal.

7. Cheap Flights With Budget Airlines

Fareoair provides its customers with major as well as budget carriers. So if you’re looking for cheap flights, the website will offer them on all ends of the spectrum. Budget airlines already have cheap flights, because that is what they were designed for. On Fareoair however, these prices are dipped even lower.

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Even while looking for cheap flights to Dubai in the same month I managed to find really affordable prices. So the rule of purchasing an airline ticket at least three weeks (or thirty days) in advance does not apply here. These special fares are exclusive to Fareoir whose team actually scouts the best possible deals for the customers.

8. Cheap Flights For A Multi-City Holiday

It’s hard enough getting affordable airline tickets to one destination, but Fareoair, on the other hand, provides the lowest prices on multi-city flights. You can explore multiple cities in Asia or Europe (or anywhere else in the world) in one go without emptying your bank account. Do you want to know what makes this deal even sweeter? You can also book car rentals and hotels with Fareoair and save on those as well.

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9. Search For Flights In the Morning

While Fareoair provides affordable fares on destinations around the world, we do recommend that you try your luck and search for early morning flights. Not many people like to fly out in the morning, and thus the airlines are forced to lower the price. Fareoair offers even cheaper rates on these already cheaper flights.

10. Use Different Airlines

In order to get a better deal, our team can hook you up with better prices while choosing different airlines. If you’re planning a round trip, you can use different airlines at both ends depending on the price of the ticket.

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11. Travel Off Season

In order to get a good holiday package to try to plan your holiday during offseason. This might sound unappealing to some, but think of it this way, you’ll be avoiding all the crowds, the hotels will be cheaper and the flights will be cheaper. When you travel off season you get a cheaper option for every aspect of your trips, including hotel and car rentals.

12. Switch Your Connections

Choosing connecting flights through a city that has cheap flights on sale can also help you save money. Fareoair shows you cheaper indirect flights to your destinations. For example, rather than flying from New York to directly to Maui, you can book a flight from NYC to Los Angeles and then Hawaii.

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