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How To Rent A Car When You Are Traveling Overseas?

Date 9 Apr 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Traveling Overseas

If you are on an overseas trip and want to explore the country but hate traveling on the train, then renting a car is the best option for you. When you rent a car overseas, you just have to follow a few new steps, while the rest of the procedure is very much similar to renting a car in US or Europe. If you are visiting a country which requires an international driver’s permit, you will not be able to rent a car unless you have one. .

Verification Of The IDP

Verification Of The IDP
First you need to check whether the country you are visiting requires an (IDP) International Drivers Permit or not for renting a car. Normally,English countries don’t require an International Drivers Permit. A car rental office can tell you whether you need an IDP or not and if you do need it, then you have to obtain one before leaving United States.

Rent A Car Before Leaving

Locate a car rental agency in the country of your visit. You will get several good options at the airport for car renting. US based car renting companies like Hertz and Enterprises have their rent a car facility present overseas as well. There are many other good rental agencies like Eropcar and Auto Europe.

Book Your Rent A Car Online

Book Your Rent A Car Online
When it comes to rent a car, you have two options.Either you can book it online or you can book in person. IF you have the phone number of the rental agency, you can call them and book the car over phone. Most overseas rental agencies accept payment only through credit card so make sure you have a credit card with you. Also keep in mind that when you rent a car in person, it can cost you more than booking in advance.

Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy
So if you are planning to rent a car, then you need to check whether your insurance policy covers your international traveling costs on overseas rentals. Pay attention to the minor details as there are many countries that are not included in your insurance plan. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover you, then it’s best that you get covered from the rental agency.

Border Crossing Policy

Border Crossing Policy
If you are planning to cross any borders then it will be best that you tell your rental company about it as there are many rental agencies that normally don’t allow people crossing borders and have car trackers installed in the vehicles.

Car Rental Services

Rent A Car
There are many travel websites that offer hotel booking, flight booking and rent a car services for customers to make the process easy overall. . For example, sites like FareoAir offer car rental services in all the major locations around the globe.

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