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How To Save Money On Your Travel Adventures

Date 7 Nov 2016 | Posted by Umema Aimen

saving money during my trips

Spending money during your travels is easy, but saving money? That’s unheard of! But it can be done. I once spent twenty-four hours in Belize with only $20 in my pocket!

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned about saving money during my trips:

1. Cheap Airfare:

Airfare takes the most money of your budget so saving money here will help you the most. Best way is to buy your ticket early and online. For international trips, three months in advance is the best time to buy tickets. Airlines constantly change airfare so it’s important to check fare prices multiple times a week. Once you’ve found a reasonably-priced flight, book it before the deal expires.

2. The Sharing Economy:

The Sharing Economy Use online websites like Couchsurfing which helps you find a free couch for the night with a local family. It is the best sort of authentic cultural exchange for travelers. If you’re staying in a place for a longer time, professional websites will help you find rental apartments. You can also do a little research to see if Uber or any other online transportation network exists in the region you’re visiting.

3. Stay in hostels:

Stay in hostels Hostels are the cheapest form of accommodations available worldwide because you pay for a bed instead of a room. The dorm provides a shared bedroom experience, ranging from ten to forty other roommates. There’s a locker available for every person to put their belongings in. Most hostels are equipped with a kitchen as well. Because they’re cheap, you’ll meet all sorts of interesting people from across the world. The intimate space of the room fuels bonding with roommates, and hostel anecdotes make the best travel stories.

4. Cook Your Own Meals:

Cook Your Own Meals Whether you’re living in a hostel or a rented apartment, cook your own food to save money. Since groceries are cheaper, your food won’t even cost half as much. Buying fresh groceries and cooking in a hygienic kitchen with your own clean hands is better than eating at a top quality restaurant. There will no chance of getting sick and seeing a doctor without insurance. Because if you’re traveling at a budget, you really don’t want to waste money in hospitals and pharmacies.This is a great way to save money during your travels.

5. Walk:

Walk Walk as much as you can during the day instead of taking any other method of transportation. Uber and other services are good for some distant traveling but if you’re exploring a city, walking will expose you to the most sights and save you money as well.

6. Don’t get scammed:

There’s no point in carefully maintaining a budget to save up if you’re gonna end up being scammed. Beggars in a lot of countries scam good-hearted tourists with their antics. They’ll often come to you with a prescription of expensive medication. Your pricked conscious will force you to buy them the prescribed drugs but once you’re gone, they’ll return the medicines and split the money with the pharmacist! So don’t be quick to trust anyone.

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