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How To Snag A Cheap Hotel This Holiday Season

Date 20 Dec 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


We have some life-saving tips for those planning to visit family for the holidays and don’t have a guest room for an option. Look on the bright side it’s always good to have some privacy, especially during the holiday season when emotions (and spirits) are high. This is the time you need to start looking for cheap hotels. We have some great travel hacks that will help in getting you the best hotel deals.

1. Skip The Last Minute Rates

As many experienced travelers know, the best rates pop up when the occupancy is low. This may present itself as a blessing for those people who are visiting cities decked with hotels that cater to business class travelers and are running special promotions during the slow holiday season. Since their clientele is off busy with their families their target will now be to lure in families on a budget. However, heed our warning about waiting until the last minute to book hotels.

2. Start Searching As Soon As Possible

The best plan of action for finding cheap hotels is to start looking early. When you find a good deal, however, don’t book it and then later forget about it. If the deposit is refundable, you can call the hotel or check online about the latest promotional rates. If there is a new promotion, you can book at the new rate and cancel the previous booking.

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3. Once You’ve Booked It Then You Should Stick To It

The ideal time to lock in a price is about three weeks before the stay. If you have booked the cheap hotel more than a month in advance and are now looking for a drop in price, make the change in the last three weeks. Some cheap hotels offer 15% to 30% off rooms that are already booked and paid for in advance. The only downside to the promotion is that the booking can’t be canceled or changed, but this is a great offer if your plans are solid.

4. Call The Hotels Directly

One of the best ways to snag a great offer on a hotel room is to call the hotel directly. You can quote the price you found online, and they might provide you with a better offer. If the hotel belongs to a bigger chain, calling their helpline is also worth a try because helpline agents have more leeway to grant discounts than employees at a hotel franchise.

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However, if you call a local hotel it may result in a better offer than the one you spotted online because the manager might be flexible with the prices.

5. Join Loyalty Programs

Frugal travelers should enroll in hotel loyalty programs so they can be eligible for discounts, points and much more. Offers are offers to loyalty members even at the lowest level. Loyalty programs such as Club Carlson, which includes hotels such as Radisson, Country Inn and Suites, Park Inn and many more, give members access to free internet. There are other loyalty groups that offer bigger perks and better discounts.

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