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How To Survive In Economy Class

Date 3 Mar 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

economy class

Long haul flights in economy class can often be excruciatingly tiring. Sometimes the thought of the destination is the only thing that can keep one going. However, there are always things that can make a 14 hour flight bearable, and maybe even fun.


Comforts in Economy Class
Take an extra pillow or a neck cushion for a long flight. You can easily find a cute neck pillow that is small and compact. A small, compact one won’t take much space. During one of my most recent flights I forgot my neck pillow at home and it took me a while to find a comfortable position for a nap.

Long Naps

Long Nap Economy Class
I love taking naps during long flights. However, it’s not always easy to nod off when you don’t feel sleepy. What I usually do is stay up the night before. Staying awake the night before helps me sleep like a baby for hours on the plane. Be warned though, this can also have alarming results. Once, I gave in to sleep just a few hours before my flight. I was so tired I didn’t wake up on time even though my family tried to wake me up. I literally woke up an hour before check-in and I hadn’t finished packing my carry on. You can always listen to boring music, or try reading a lousy book to help you nod off. It’s less dangerous.


flights in economy class
Always take a good book with you and half a dozen magazines. Magazines, especially tabloids are always a great way to catch up on celebrity gossip and the latest trends. They’re perfect if you’re into light reading.

Flights in economy class don’t always have the best movies. If you, like me, are not a fan of the in-flight entertainment then I recommend making your own movie playlist on your ipad. Download your favorite TV series or the latest movies on your ipad and you’ll be good to go for at least a couple of hours.


economy class Food
Take your time devouring the meals of flights in economy class because doing everything leisurely will be good for you. In-flight meals may feel rushed, but I recommend removing the dessert and coffee cup from the tray so you can save them for later.

Stuff your bag with little snacks like peanuts, chocolates and chips from the duty free. It’ll do you good to munch on these when you get sudden hunger pangs during the 10 hour mark. Also, chocolate is a (delicious) mood booster so you’ll feel less cranky and fatigued after a bite or two of your favorite chocolate.

Avoid Checking the Time on the Screen

Time on the Screen
This is a tough one. I remember, I used to stare at the screen in front of me and will the time to move faster. It used to make me feel frustrated as well when my willing didn’t result in much. When you’re heading towards your holiday destination, the slow ticking clock can still make you excited because you have something to look forward to. When you’re already tired from a good holiday and heading back home, the slow moving map shown on the screen can just be frustrating.

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