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Ideal Road Trips Around The World

Date 4 Feb 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


Driving can often become stressful when you have several miles to cover. The need to stay alerted at every point of the journey makes it even more challenging. However, if you are looking for some adventurous trips, these incredible roads will turn out to be the ideal vacation spots for tourists. Scenic roads are what many nature lovers crave for. Despite the joys, driving through these roads is a difficult task and questions a lot of the drivers’ skills. It can often become difficult to make it cost effective if you’re looking forward to rent a car.

Here are some ideal road trips that will delight you in every manner. For your next vacation, consider driving through these wonderful roads to get to your destination. For making your trip cost effective, the economical car rental deals at Fareoair are enough to take all your financial worries away. The process is super swift and you’ll get what you desire for in your travel budget.

1. Cape Point Route, Cape Town

South Africa is one of the most incredible travel destinations in the world. If you can spare yourself a day away from Cape Town, drive to the Cape Point Route to recognize the actual beauty of the country. The spectacular vistas give you a chance to enjoy nature at its best. The route is marked with steep cliffs and you can stop at multiple places for the best sightseeing experience. The Champman’s Peak Drive is the show stopper for sure. It’s a treat for the adventurers because of the thrilling road you drive one.

2. Edinburgh to Loch Ness, Scotland

ideal road trips
Scotland’s capital has a lot to offer to the tourists. This ideal road trip offers a lot of stops within where you can stop by, admire the nature and travel back in time. The scenic beauty is gripping beyond your imagination and is one of the best tourist’s getaways; no matter what part of the world you may belong to. When you leave Edinburgh, your first stop should be the mind blowing Stirling Castle. The castle leaves tourists awestruck and surely takes you long time back. The other attraction part of this road trip is the wondrous Loch Lomond National Park. The vastness of the park is truly tremendous. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you must stop at Fort Williams, a place where a segment of the movie was shot. Once you arrive at Loch Ness, you’ll be thrilled by what you experience. The beauty of the lake is something you’ll never forget.

3. Pacific Route

This is one of the most popular ones and turns out to be incredible in every manner. While in USA, you’ll find the chance of several road trips. But Pacific Route is what you must not miss. This road trip takes you from San Diego to the Sleepless Seattle, all the way through Oregon and Washington. There is a lot to see along the way. Begin by admiring the diversity of San Diego. From museums to the wonderful theatres, there’s a lot to keep you engaged. Next up, explore the celebrity land, the Lovely Los Angeles. Santa Barbara and Big Spur are also some great places to stop by. No one would want to leave without making their way to the tourist’s hub, San Francisco! Right at the end of the journey, Seattle would be the perfect destination to reach. The hustle and bustle is truly captivating and brings the perfect end to an ideal road trip!

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