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If You Want To Learn How To Be A Real Traveler In Thailand Then Reading This Is A Must

Date 22 May 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


You have booked your dream vacation and are counting down the days till you leave for Thailand. By now you flipped through the guidebook a dozen times ticking of all the places you want to see. Planning a dream vacation is just as exciting as living it, don’t you agree? The anticipation of the big day just brings a smile to one’s face. Most of us save a lot to actually afford such vacation. We save a huge chunk throughout the year to get away for a week or two and live our lives freely and explore the world.

So if so much hard work and excitement has been invested in your dream vacation then it is your responsibility to do it right. Add these experiences to your Thailand vacation, if you want to be a real traveler in Thailand.

1. Have A Home Cooked Meal

Home Cooked Meal

This is something that can be planned a week in advance. If you know someone who lives in Thailand, I suggest you have at least one meal at their place. Obviously, the home cooked meal should be local cuisine, not something you would cook back home. You can also make friends with someone on your travels and plan a meal together.

Tourists can also book dinners with local families on a website called Withlocals.com. This is a great way to get a glimpse of the real culture and taste authentic cuisine.

2. Take A Cooking Class

cooking classes

Those who dream of taking their Thai culinary experience to another level should sign up for a cooking class. This experience is better than any souvenir that you can take back home. Even if you’re just an average cook, you will definitely impress family and friends with your home made Thai spring rolls.
How do you sign up for a cooking class? Well, a local host will teach you how to make a couple of Thai dishes and you’ll be able to take those recipes back home.

3. Be Part Of A Local Tradition

Local Tradition

We are all for holidays on the beach, but we should also make time to be more adventurous and experience other traditions. There are so many things that you can do while in Thailand. If you’re looking for options you’re in luck because we have a couple of recommendations. Planting or harvesting rice is a deep rooted Thai tradition. Not only will you appreciate rice more, but you will also know the story behind the tradition once you’re going through the process. You can also try making chocolate with your bare hands.

4. Ride Motorbike

Ride Motorbike

Thailand is the best place where you can hone your motorbike skills. This is perfect for all the fellow adventurous souls out there. You can either hit the open roads like a local or hire a local drive to take you around for the day.

5. Take An Off The Road Tour

Off The Road Tour

Before heading back home you should take a day to discover Thailand from a different perspective. We recommend taking a local Thai tour instead of following a commercial tour guide.

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