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Important Hidden Costs Of Traveling You Should Be Aware

Date 17 Apr 2015 | Posted by Anum Sharf

Hidden Costs Of Traveling

Travelers often think that the money they have estimated for their shopping will always be sufficient for them. What they don’t know is that before they even start the shopping at many places, there are hidden charges which are deducted. So to stay ahead in the game, you need to make sure that you take all the precautions to avoid hidden costs of traveling.

Money Exchange

Money Exchange
When you are traveling overseas, the main question is whether you will get your money exchanged before leaving the country or will you use your debit or credit card abroad? Now before deciding, do some research because some currency exchange companies pay good price on currency conversion. While if you plan to use your ATM or credit card abroad, check with your bank if they allow international payments? Some banks don’t charge you any fees when you make ATM transactions abroad where as some charge $2.50 – $5 per each withdrawal.

Global Roaming Charges

Hidden Costs Of Traveling
You may not have any intention of using your phone while you are traveling, but just for a second think that you have arrived late and there is no cab at the airport or you are stuck in a country where you don’t know their native language? That is the time when you will need your phone to get access to some taxi service that works in that country or get a friend or some acquaintance you know to pick you. For such scenarios, carry a global sim card with you. This will be very economical for you.

Room Service

Room Service
The idea of ordering a lavish meal from the room service seems to be very tempting. I mean, you are staying at a five star hotel then how can you resist their luxurious food and wine menu? But what you don’t know is that even a small plate of ravioli with champagne can cost you a lot. And don’t even look at the mini bar. The moment you even touch anything in the mini bar, the hotel sensors detect it and add it to your bill. By the time you check out, you will have to pay a few extra dollars for the food and the mini bar services. My suggestion is, if you love to eat midnight snacks like drinks and snacks, get them from the local store and bring them back to your hotel room.

Traveling To The Airport

Traveling To The Airport
When you are traveling, you need to see your options for transportation. You need to see how you will get to the airport and how will you come back. Driving yourself seems to be a good idea since you can park the car in airport parking area and pay the fees, but comparatively traveling through train or taxi seems a much better option and is cheaper too.

Extra Luggage

Extra Luggage
Rather than paying extra baggage fees because you were too excited about your vacation and you over packed your luggage, it will be best that you purchase a luggage scale. A luggage scale is a good investment because you can check if your baggage is exceeding its limit or not.  You can re-use it to check your bags every time you travel.

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