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Last Minute Cheap Airline Tickets For New Year

Date 27 Dec 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


Not everyone has the luxury to make plans for the holiday season months in advance. There are things to consider like your job, family and especially expensive airline tickets. If you’ve just managed to take time off work or got bitten by the travel bug, we’ll help book the cheapest airline tickets for New Year. Buying cheap airline tickets for New Year is a science we have perfected over the years.

1. Be Flexible With Your Destination

Before you start searching for cheap airline tickets for New Year, you have to be flexible with the destination. Since New Year’s Eve is almost a week away, the rates of the typical holiday destinations will be extremely hiked. So, when you click that search button, enter your budget rather than the destination. All the places that fit in your price range will line up in front of you on the screen. Some of the choices may not look glamorous, but they won’t empty out your wallet either. Also, a key thing to remember is that each country or city has its own charm that can’t be rivaled with another.

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2. Try To Minimize Your Fees

These days’ airlines are charging more and more fee, for everything from checked baggage to legroom upgrades. In order to avoid these extra charges, and save some money on your airline ticket and avoid common fees by traveling only with a carry-on. You can also minimize the fees by booking your seat in the main cabin and bringing your own snacks, rather than buying them on the plane.

3. Book Hotels & Flights Together

Sometimes when searching for hotels + flights search is smarter than searching for them separately. At this time of the year hotels and airline flights both have peak prices; the best option is to get a collective deal on both. There are a lot of websites that offer that have great deals when you book a hotel room at the same time as your flight. There are deals that even include car rentals in the same price.

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4. Travel On The Actual Day

This may sound crazy but traveling on New Year’s Eve may help you save a lot of money. Yes, spending the holiday in an airport or a plane doesn’t sound glamorous. You might also be thinking that you’ll be exhausted by the time you reach your destination and won’t have the energy to enjoy ringing in the New Year. Hear us out, there won’t be a lot of people traveling on this day so the prices will be cheaper anyways.

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Since a lot of people will avoid traveling on an actual day, you have a higher chance of getting an upgrade. Another bonus is you’ll be avoiding all the holiday rush, so the airports and the plane won’t be crowded. You can sleep on the plane and arrive at your destination ready to party and ring in the New Year. It’s a win, win situation, right?

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