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Life Changing Tips For Booking Cheap Flights That You Should Really Know About

Date 10 Aug 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


Finding a cheap flight that fits your budget is no longer about browsing different websites for hours on end. Although comparing prices is highly recommended by us and a lot of other travel experts, but getting a decent price on an airline tickets now depends on so much more.

1. Booking in advance isn’t everything

Booking in advance
Booking in advance has its benefits but it’s not everything. So many budget airlines have cropped up who are announcing budget deals left, right and center. How do you get your hands on these ridiculously low prices? For starters sign up to email price alerts on a few budget airline websites, and all the latest deals and steals will land right in your inbox. These price alerts will keep you ahead of the game, and you’ll be in the know when price fluctuate. Airlines have been known to release discounted ticket prices any time before the flight.

2. Best to keep your dates flexible

dates flexible
Some of the cheapest prices you’ll find are during off season. The flights that tend to be more cheaper than the others are the ones that are scheduled for lighter period, such as early in the morning, flights that are due to depart on Sunday afternoon or evening, or red eye flights.

3. Be ready to fly when business travelers aren’t for affordable upgrades

business travelers
Free upgrades are a thing of the past, but for those who don’t mind splashing out, keep in mind while economy class airline ticket prices are sky rocketing during the holidays and the weekends, the opposite happens with luxury business class seats. You’ll be surprised to find cheap business class prices during the lighter business class travel months, like the summer or Christmas holidays. However, you can always try your luck at getting your hands on that coveted free upgrade.

4. Get friendly with budget carriers

budget carriers
We all know that budget carriers don’t provide the class or luxury like their more premium counterparts, but if we’re short on cash and still aching to travel the world, budget friendly carriers are life savers. You’ll be surprised to find that they still provide excellent service and comfort in an extremely affordable price. Do not expect to be served meals during the flight though, because that is something that is not included in the price you’re paying. A lot of people are under the misconception that airlines provide “free” meals during long hauls flights. This is far from the truth because the cost of the meal is included in the airline ticket.

5. Be open to travel anywhere in the world

travel anywhere
We all have certain destinations that we dream of flying to. Sometimes those certain destinations are extremely expensive. Instead of going crazy budgeting, why not go somewhere that doesn’t cost as much? For those who want to get their wanderlust going should head on to kiwi.com and look for the cheapest places to travel around the world. Once you add your departure date and budget a list of affordable countries will pop up, and you can easily pick the one that calls out to you.

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