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Long Haul Flight Surviving Tips

Date 16 Jan 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

a long haul flight

Being stuck in a coach class for hours doesn’t sound good at all. You can’t sleep properly, unless you are one of those strange people who can sleep anywhere and if that’s the case with you then, I’m really jealous. Usually, being stuck in a coach seat for hour’s results in muscle pain, dry skin and in the end you will smell bad and look tired. In, short you will feel like a zombie.

I’m not really fond of long flights and definitely not a fan of connected flights either. My recent flight from New York to Dubai was pretty long, so I used some tips to survive a long haul flight. When I arrived at Dubai airport, I felt slightly human and fresh.

Following are some tips that will help make your long haul flight less tiring. With these tips, your flight will be considerably less stressful.

Select An Exit Row

Select An Exit Row
Always reserve a departure row seat because they have plenty of extra space and can be reserved for an extra fee. These extra charges are worth paying because you get that entire extra space to spread out your legs.

Bring Your Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

Ear Plugs and Eye Mask
This depends when your flight takes off and where you are heading to. It may be bright outside and chances are that you can’t fall asleep with the sun shining brightly on your face. It is also difficult to sleep where there is constant noise of babies crying and the meals being served.

Several airlines now provide you with a small amenity kit that includes ear plugs, socks, toothbrush and paste along with an eye mask. But if your airline doesn’t offer eye mask or ear plug then it will be a good idea that you buy your own.

Eat Your Own Food

Eat Your Own Food
Most airlines offer meals on long haul flights in economy class, but these meals are loaded with sodium which only makes you dehydrated. Avoid complimentary airline meals and bring your own healthy snacks.
The bonus part is that you can eat any time you wish to and the staff won’t disturb you during meal service if you happen to be asleep. Apart from this, you should bring your own water bottle to make sure that you stay hydrated and avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol as it will only make you dehydrated.

Bring An Extra Blanket Or Sweater

Extra Blanket Or Sweater
The air conditioners in most airlines work pretty awesome, which mean you, need to bring an extra blanket along with a sweater. Even though the airlines offer blankets in economy class for long haul flights, they are quite thin and don’t provide much warmth. So it’s a good idea to bring an extra traveling blanket.

Get Relaxed

Get Relaxed
Wear a comfortable outfit on the plane. To endure long haul flights you it is advised that you wear comfortable clothes like a cotton tank top with a long sleeved tee and a fleece jacket, plus you can use your scarf as a blanket and pillow, pretty smart right. Plus, if you want to look presentable before landing you should pack an extra dress to change before you reach your destination.

Pack An Expandable Pillow

An Expandable Pillow
The pillows that are offered on the airplane are just a lumbar support. If you really want to sleep, then its best that you bring an inflatable neck pillow with you.

Pack Your Own Amusement

Whether it’s a Kindle full of books or an iPad loaded with movies and music, make sure you have enough entertainment to survive a long haul flight. Normally the in-flight entertainment doesn’t work due to technical issues. So being stuck on a 12 hour flight is pretty exhausting, it’s advised that you bring your own things of entertainment with you so that you don’t get bored.

Bring Along Your Toiletries

Your Toiletries
Combing your hair, fixing your makeup, applying perfume and brushing your teeth make you fresh during a long haul flight. It’s best that you pack your cosmetics in a clear Ziploc bag and keep them in your purse or hand carry so that they are easy to access. Some air carriers like Korean airlines are pretty good as they give you a small toiletry kit even if you are traveling in economy class.
I hope these tips will help you if you are heading for a long haul flight.

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