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Millions Are Taking Flights To Boston To Partake In This Life Changing Event

Date 28 Nov 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


When it comes to American cities full of history, pride, and friendly people, you can’t do much better than Boston. This city also happens to be home to one of the biggest events of the year. An event so big that attending it could literally change your life.

But first things first. How can you get to Boston without breaking the bank?

How to Get to Boston on the Cheap

Get to Boston on the Cheap According to the Boston Globe, one of the best ways to get less expensive flights to Boston is to shop for your tickets 29 to 104 days prior to your departure. Their source, the Airlines Reporting Corp., states that tickets to the city are often up to six percent cheaper than they are during any other windows.

Another tip to saving money on your flights is to be as flexible as you can. This can mean several things. For one, it means being flexible with your arrival and departure dates. One day to the left or right could make all of the difference.

Most people aren’t thrilled with taking connecting flights, but this is another way that flexibility could work in your favor. Taking two flights instead of one can save you hundreds on your travel. You could also be flexible with the airlines that you take. You may be partial to a particular airline but taking one airline to your destinations and another one from it could save you money as well.

Finally, you can never go wrong by skipping the airline website and using cost comparison sites like Fareoair which can save you even more on your ticket price.

Once you get to Boston, it is time to enjoy the sights and sounds that make this famous city so important to so many people.

The Boston Event That Could Very Well Change your life

Plan your flight accordingly and find yourself at one of the city’s most anticipated events. Attending could change your perspective on everything. The event in question is the Boston Marathon.

This famous marathon, which is held on every Patriot’s Day (the third Monday of April), is a life changing experience for tens of thousands of runners who attend from around the country. The run, which averages about 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km), travels through many windy roads and makes it way through eight Massachusetts cities before ending back in Boston.

The best thing is that you don’t have to run to enjoy the excitement of the marathon because you can come just to watch. The Boston Marathon is one of the most highly watched televised sporting events in the city with over 500,000 spectators watching each year. This alone makes finding affordable flights to Boston worth every penny.

Why is it so life changing?

Because this marathon is no joke. Twenty-six miles is a long run, longer than most people drive to get to and from work each day! And you can’t just show up and run either. Runners in this marathon have spent years preparing and training, and that is just to qualify!

The race is a test of endurance, with runners having to make their way up and down numerous hills, even towards the end when runner’s fatigue is at its highest. When a participant runs through the finish line, they are greeted by the applauding masses, a truly unique feeling.

Completing the Boston Marathon is one of the hardest things an athlete can do, and once they are done, they are filled with a feeling of invincibility that is unrivaled by any other activity. Their life changes at that point because they know that if they can complete this marathon, they can do anything.

Book Your Flight Today

Book Your Flight Today Now that you know how much Boston has to offer, book your flight and join in on the action. The best part is that we are nearing that 29 to 104-day window for the cheapest tickets, so act now! Have any questions about how to buy tickets? Contact us today for answers.


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