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Mixing Pleasure with Work: Jobs for People Who Love Traveling

Date 30 Jul 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

love traveling

Everyone likes to travel, go on vacation and explore the world. However many cannot, probably because they can’t take out the time from their jobs. Instead we look at the wondrous places around the world in photos with a deep longing and wish we could visit these amazing places. Then we get sad. However don’t go deep in the blues just yet – there are several jobs which allow you to travel as part of them. Here is a list of jobs for people who love traveling.

Travel Writer

If you love writing about different places of the world and your writings get the proper exposure, embassies of different countries will invite you to visit their countries and promote them through your writing. They’ll bear the expenses of course.

English Teacher

Having a background in the English language can place you abroad in teaching programs in non-speaking countries. Places in Asia like Japan invite English teachers to teach at their schools paying good money for their services. You can also go on funded volunteer teaching programs.

Travel Nursing

There can never be enough nurses anywhere in the world and thus there is a high demand for traveling nurses. Even a new nurse can apply for nursing jobs abroad which come with full pay, medical insurance and sometimes even accommodation.

Flight Attendant

This one is obvious. They get to travel the world, however the dress code is pretty strict. As perks they get free tickets and major discounts on most tickets annually.

The High Seas

jobs for people who love traveling
If you don’t mind a little seasickness, working on a cruise ship is the thing for you. They do require a lot of time and commitment but it’ll open up a whole new experience of travel. On board jobs include photographers, servers and the like.

Residency Organic Farming

If you have a thing for crops, or simple want to learn. Go to the WWOOF website, select a country and apply for their organic exchange farming positon. You’ll stay there for a year learning some neat tricks as well as ways of a foreign culture.


If you know how to mix your drinks, and have a valid passport, you can get a job as a bartender pretty much anywhere. It’s a great way of meeting people too.

Retail Buyer

Might sound a bit corporate-like but they pay you really well and bear your travel expenses so you can go abroad and negotiate buys with retailers.

Working for Multi-National Companies

If you work for a company which has branches abroad, you can ask to be shifted to one of their foreign offices for a time. This also includes hotels with branches in different countries.

Travel Agent

Travel Agent
If you don’t mind the hectic hours, handling lots of annoyed customers and the occasional getting yelled at, this is the job for you. You get crazy discounts on tickets and inside word on the best travel deals.

Other jobs for people who love traveling include International Aid Workers, applying for the Merchant Navy (UK’s commercial shipping industry) and a travel photographer.

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