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Must-dos to keep Digital Identity Safe While Traveling

Date 19 Oct 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Safe While Traveling

You are on a family holiday with perfect plans to have the time of your life until you face the worst nightmare that you hadn’t expected even in wildest of imaginations- Digital Identity theft! Invasion of the most private information of your life is the worst that could happen to you when you are out and about, those who have ever experienced it know how sour that tastes. It is nearly impossible to identify these criminals. However, the good part is, you can always keep your digital identity safe while traveling.
Here are some of the essentials you must practice consciously while you travel, whether they are recreational or business trips.

1. Avoid Using Bluetooth

Most of the smart phone users are not aware of the dangers of Bluebugging, a Bluetooth hacking device where the buggers can easily access your phone and take control of it. Another common way is when you connect Bluetooth on a rent-a-car. The hackers can spy on your data and steal it for horrible uses. To avoid putting yourself in an awful situation like this, make sure you clear the history after you use it. Also, keep the Bluetooth use to the minimal.

2. Get hold of a local sim card

local sim card
Although leading cellular companies will offer you attractive packages which allows you to roam the phone from country to country, it is best to stay away from them. Staying connected to the globe is everyone’s need these days, but you can always do this by purchasing a local sim card while you travel. This limits access for the buggers, even if they intend to rob you.

3. Secure remote access, anytime and anywhere!

It is always better to be prepared for the worst. To do so, make sure you install a software that helps you to secure remote and computer devices. With the increase of digital identity theft, numerous software have been developed which enables you to lessen its risk.

4. VPN is valuable!

VPN Is Valuable
You do not even realize the amount of websites you load while you are traveling. Here is something you can’t afford to ignore: use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Doing so, you may connect to any public networks without worrying about being tracked. It safeguards you in innumerable ways!

5. Are your online back accounts protected?

Most of us fail to do so! Losing a pocket full of cash is bad, but having someone access your bank account is far more terrible. Avoid carrying your precious debit and credit cards while you travel. Fortunately, prepaid cards make it possible to do so. In addition, when you access your online bank account, avoid using public networks as much as you possibly can. A lot of unnecessary links pop up while you use them, most of which contain malware. However, when need be, make sure you eradicate all the history as well as the cookies.

Stay smart, keep your digital identity safe while traveling!

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