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Netflix App Is The Best Travel Friend

Date 19 Feb 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul


Netflix is the new thing in these days. Not only you can check and watch the “Gossip Girl” at any time you can also check out the originals like the New Black is the Orange. If you think that while you are off for your holiday trip you should stop the subscriptions then don’t worry, Netflix is your perfect travel companion.

Get The Netflix App

Netflix App
Before you leave for your travel destination, download the Netflix app. With this app you can access your favorite tv shows and movies while you are on the go. The only issues is that you will need a WIFI connection to stay in access with the app since you can’t stream anything offline. Netflix can also easily work with 3G connections, but only when you have an unlimited data plan though it’s not recommended.

Go Worldwide

Go Worldwide
Netflix can be easily accessed all around the globe. When you log into it from any foreign destinations you will get a different choice of programs and shows. For instance, if you are traveling to France from the US then you will get French movies and TV shows to stream on it. Don’t expect that if you have been watching a movie starting from the US you will be able to watch it in France as well, as the streaming will change.

Language And Descriptions

Language And Descriptions
If you want to watch some foreign movie in a different country, then check the descriptions that are offered by the Netflix. You can change the language of Netflix app and read the descriptions of the movies and TV shows. You can also change English into a different language and improve your linguistic skills.

Netflix Enigmas

Netflix Enigmas
Want to know some good secrets of traveling with Netflix? If you are in a foreign country and you really want to have a strong desire to watch House of the Cards, and then trust me it’s not end of this world. You can download a VPN or you can use a Chrome App and change your IP address with it. If you are using a “VPN” then you can fake being in the US and till watch the US streams even if you are in France. This works both ways if you are in the US and want to watch a foreign program then you can use the same “VPN” and fake being in a foreign country.

Generally, Netflix is an excellent investment and you don’t even need to stop your subscription especially if you are planning to travel. WIFI connections are being offered all over the world so it gives you a good opportunity to watch your favorite movies and shows on your phone or tablet while you are on the go.

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