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Overcoming The Worst Fears Of A Traveler

Date 20 Jun 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


What stops people to explore the timeless beauty of this world? I thought about this for many years, until I gathered the most common fears of a traveler. A lot of us sleep and eat with those fears, years after years. There’s something about fears, if you don’t fight them back they end up conquering your mind and body. The same goes for any travel related fears.

Let’s learn to face these fears and feed our wanderlust.

1. Fear of Traveling Solo

fears of a traveler

A lot of us do not have any companions to travel with, and that makes us longingly look at amazing vistas around the world on the internet, wishing one day we’ll be there. It’s a sorry state, but you can always change it yourself. Even in these times, among the top fears of a traveler, there is one of traveling solo. For many, it is simply out of question. They wish to even escape the thought of it because all kinds of horrible things could happen to them.

So is a solo traveler really that vulnerable? Not always. In fact, going alone to explore the world is one of the most fulfilling experiences. There’s no better way to experience freedom in its true sense. You learn immensely along the way and it is an excellent chance to make new friends.

Of course, safety is the most important. You can guard that in plenty of ways through careful planning. But even before that, you need to build the courage to plan. Yes, you can totally do it!

2. Not Having Enough Finances

Not Having Enough Finances

Because everything is extremely expensive in today’s world, a lot of people fear traveling. What would happen if I spend everything on my trip and suffer for the rest of the year? What if I have to face financial crises? When you begin thinking, you’ll drown in a pool of miserable thoughts. You need to stop right there!

Firstly, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a millionaire to afford a trip. In the times we live, everyone welcomes the idea of frugal travel. It’s time you embrace it too!

Peak season travel can be expensive. There are plenty of ways you can escape these extra cost. Book ahead of time to grab the best deals on the internet, they run out too fast. Flying out with budget airlines is a great idea. The use of technology and careful planning can help you to plan a wonderful trip, no matter how limited your budget it. Stop overstressing about the finances; life is really more than that.

3. Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

I’ve met a group of people who aren’t bothered about the finances or anything else; their story is entirely different. They’ve never sat in a plane before. Flying phobia is not uncommon; a lot of people face it throughout their lives.
So what really goes on in the mind?

That plane is going to crash, along with all those people inside. I’m not prepared to let go of life as yet.
Seems like a familiar thought? Guess what! Flying is safer than you think. In fact, a car accident is more likely to happen. If plane terrifies you, there are many ways of overcoming this. Get to know how a plane flies and what it looks like from the inside. Face your fears and talk to all those people who fly in and out frequently. Share your fears with your loved ones. Once you begin talking about it, you would be comfortable in expressing yourself and prepare yourself for your first flight.

Flying causes anxiety. If it’s your first time, calm your nerves. Let the crew know about your fears, they might give you the best piece of advice. Distract your mind to all the adventures you’ll have once you land at your destination. It wasn’t that bad, right?

4. Cultural Shock

Cultural Shock

You might be surprised to know about this. Among the fears of a traveler, a very typical one is escaping the cultural shock. What if I stand out from them? Will they treat me like an outsider? I have no clue about their language, what will I do?

And so, they decide it’s better to drop such travel plans and flow with life’s monotony. The world is very different, and so are the cultures and people. But that is what makes us beautiful. Traveling around the world will help you to realize it and face the worst of your fears. When you communicate with others, even if that is through sign language, you get to know so much about them. It helps us to let go of those stereotypes we’ve been accustomed to all our lives. Above all, it will help you to realize that you can have the time of your life even outside your comfort zone!

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