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Pack For Winter In One Carry-On With These Winter Travel Packing Tips

Date 5 Dec 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Winter Travelling Tips

Do you have a winter getaway planned? Are you packed and ready to go? Do you know what you should be packing? It is important that you pack wisely when going on a winter trip.

While some locations, like Mexico, have the luck of keeping moderate temps, other places like New York are not so lucky. There, it can snow at a moment’s notice, and freezing temperatures are not uncommon.

While there is nothing like seeing the cheery faces of your happy family, you now have to face the next challenge, packing for these colder climates.

But it is not only what to pack. It is how to pack. That’s the challenge. You want to pack enough cold weather clothes, but you don’t want to have to drag several suitcases behind you, and you also don’t want to pay the various fees that can come along with having extra baggage, and these costs can range between $25 to over $100 per bag.

However, there are many winter travel packing tips that you can use to make your preparation much easier. So easy that you will be able to pack everything you need in one single bag. Sound impossible? Here’s how to do it.

1. Make A List Early:

Make A List Early The first step is to make a list of the items you absolutely must bring on your trip before you even start packing. When you take some time to think this list through, you will begin to sort out the items that you absolutely need from those that you don’t.

While making your list, think to yourself, what do I really need? Do I need to bring five pairs of shoes? How much jewelry will I honestly need for this two-day trip? These are all great questions to ask yourself and your wallet will thank you for it.

If you are on the fence about any of your favorite items, use the rule of two. Think to yourself, will I wear this particular item more than twice during the trip? If the answer is no, then you probably don’t need it.

2. Choose Your Luggage Carefully:

Choose Your Luggage Carefully The trick to getting the most out of your luggage is to select a bag that you know you can load to the hilt and fill every square inch. Take some time to work your luggage like a puzzle, see what can fit here and there and don’t settle until everything is just right. Find a bag that has some external pockets that you can fill. Pairs of gloves, scarfs, and foot warmers will fit perfectly in these small spaces.

3. Wear Your Bulkiest Clothes On The Airplane:

Another of these fun little winter travel packing tips is to save room in your suitcase by wearing your heftiest clothes onto the plane with you. Your thickest garment is probably your winter coat, so where that on. Wear your largest pair of shoes on the plane as well. Taking your scarf and sweatshirt aboard the aircraft will not only lighten your suitcase, but you can use these items as a makeshift pillow for easy rest during the flight.

4. Pack Smart and Fly Smart With Fareoair:

As long as you are being smart about your winter packing choices, you might as well take advantage of another bright idea and book your flight with Fairoair. We offer great deals on flights, hotels and car rentals throughout the world and you are sure to find a package that works for you this holiday season. Contact us today and travel happy.

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