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How To Pack Your Luggage For A Ten Day Trip

Date 27 Mar 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Pack Your Luggage

The luggage fees is increasing every year and I know how difficult it becomes to pack al the essential items in your suitcase without exceeding the given weight limit.

Being a flight attendant myself, I know how tough it is to pack a bag, but here is where I want to help you by telling you some of the things we flight attendants do when packing our single piece of baggage.

If you are a single traveler, who is flying with last minute business class tickets I’m sure you will need these tips the most.

Here are a few tips on how you can also pack your luggage like a flight attendant.

10 Essential Items Which You Need To Carry

Pack Your Luggage
Here is a list of ten essential items which you have to pack when traveling.

1. Three pairs of pants or jeans.
2. Two pairs of shorts and two skirts.
3. Eight casual shirts.
4. Three dresses.
5. Three pieces of swimwear and night gowns.
6. Four pair of lingerie.
7. Three dress shirts.
8. One coat and two sweaters.
9. Bag of toiletries.
10. Three pairs of shoes.

Tips For Packing Shirts And Pants

Shirts And Pants
When you are traveling single you only need to carry one proper bag with you, it’s best that you carry a standard sized hand carry as you won’t have to face too much time in checking the luggage in and out. You can pack your shirts and pants by rolling them as this will save you a lot of space. Or you can smooth out the jeans or pants and lay them flat while you can roll the shirts.

Easy Way To Pack Your Shoes

Pack Your Shoes
Packing shoes can be tough at times, shoes come in different shapes and sizes and you can’t simply place them in your luggage heel down because that will occupy a lot of space. So the best way to pack your shoes is by putting them down side by side. The space which is left in the center can be used for putting an extra t-shirt. You can also stuff your lingerie or tank tops inside your shoes to save space. For a ten days trip I would recommend you three pair of shoes.

1. Chic Flats (Dark Shade) – When you are out for sightseeing you can wear these flats for daytime.
2. Nude Heels – For the evening time in town Nude heels is the perfect solution.
3. Ankle Boots – A pair of black ankle boots are perfect for daytime use and for the night time, in daytime they are comfy and at nigh time they look sophisticated.

How To Pack Your Toiletries

Pack Your Toiletries
First of all the most important thing you need to consider is that pack all your toiletries and essential documents like passport, credit cards, national identity card in a Ziploc bag. For your toiletries I’m sure you will be carrying a hair-serum or bio oil or shampoo and conditioner for these things you need to use a simple trick which will prevent your clothes from getting spoiled take a piece of plastic wrap and open the cap of your hair serum cover it with plastic wrap and then put the cap back, do this for other liquid things as well this will help in preventing any leaks in the bag.

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