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Packing Puzzles: Suitcase vs. Backpack?

Date 25 Feb 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Packing Puzzles

For international trips, whether it is for business or leisure purposes, a traveler comes across a lot of choices. This makes decision making a tough thing! At every stage of the journey planning, there are several obstacles that a traveler might constantly face. One such nightmarish task, for many, is packing.

While some of us spend hours planning and organizing our stuff, others only resort to doing it the very last moments. Some travelers have the tendency of over stuffing their luggage with way too much, while others make the mistake of carrying too little. Maintaining a balance can often become very tricky for the travelers, especially if they don’t plan ahead of time.

One such mind debates the traveler faces is the suitcase vs. backpack one. Would a backpack do, or must I carry a suitcase along? Never easy to answer, isn’t it?

Here’s a simple guideline that would help you to overcome this obstacle.


suitcase vs backpack
To begin with the famous debate of suitcase vs. backpack, let’s get to know the backpack better. When it comes to the mobility department, backpacks have played a major role. After all, who could enjoy the world of adventures without building up the courage of backpacking?

Most obviously, if you’ve a very limited time for packing, it is always easier to fill up a backpack than it is to stuff a suitcase. If you’ve prepared a complex itinerary, backpack works out the best for you. Especially knowing you’ll be moving from place to place, what better joy it would be than to simply carry a bag on your back and effortlessly explore the world around you. If you’re traveling to places where the road isn’t paved and there are plenty of cobblestones, backpack will turn out to be a blessing.

Although many travelers avoid backpack because they think it to be extremely heavy, it is the opposite. Weight distribution in a bag pack is often very even. It is evenly distributed to both the sides of your body. Because of that, you wouldn’t have to face the misery of dragging it on airports and elsewhere.

Ever heard of trekking and camping with a suitcase? Neither have we! Backpacks are meant for the wildest adventures and hair raising experiences of your life.


Every other person you see at the airports and bus stops is dragging that suitcase, must be something great about them! One of the obvious reasons suitcases have dominated the world of mobility is of course the weight relief it offers. Who would want to excessively weight lift while they’re off to enjoy a trip? You don’t have anything relegated on your back and there’s no pressure because of that. Because you’ll be dragging them everywhere, mobility might slow down. For senior travelers, there is nothing better!

Throwing stuff in a hard case is easier because you feel it is more protected. Valuables are more trusted when it comes to suitcases in comparison to the backpacks. They also tend to stay in a better shape.

Accessing your belongings from a suitcase is much easier. Once it’s laid flat, you can take out anything you wish for. This is one of the shortcomings of a backpack.

Most importantly, no businessman would make the mistake of carrying a backpack. For formal engagements, suitcases are an absolute must. This is not about attempting to appear better, but because of the usage. Since businessmen tend to keep their clothes wrinkle free, this is hardly possible with a backpack.

Concluding Thoughts

All of us might have different preferences when it comes to the suitcase vs. backpack debate, which makes sense too. Whichever one you choose depends upon the kind of person you’re, the journey you’re embarking on and of course the individual needs.

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