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Top 10 Best Economy Class Experiences
Date 20 Dec 2013 | Posted by admin

Asiana Airline

At FareOAir we care about the comfort of airline travelers. Based on our years of experience, we came up with the top 10 best Economy class experiences:

Date 20 Nov 2013 | Posted by admin


Tic toc tic toc, I watched the clock run down the last few minutes of the last class of the semester. Why? It had been long and demanding couple of months and the end couldn’t have come sooner!! As the clock struck 5pm I couldn’t control my happiness

In search of Chili Crabs
Date 20 Nov 2013 | Posted by admin

chilli crabs

Sometimes I wish I could go on a world tour. Ever since I was a little child I had always dreamt of going around the world. However it remained an unrealistic childhood dream. Initially the small amount of pocket money would not allow and later there was never enough time…..

Flying Off To London With Cheap Airline Tickets
Date 20 Nov 2013 | Posted by admin


Since the last five years one of my closest cousins has been insisting I visit her in London. Each year I smile and tell her I’ll try my best. Wouldn’t life be easier if tickets were free and you could jump in to a plane and travel the world? That would be so much more liberating…..

Cheap Airline Tickets For My Great Britain Adventure
Date 20 Nov 2013 | Posted by admin


Tyler Oakleys video montage of his trip to England inspired me to book a flight, and head over there myself. My inspiration couldn’t have come at a better time. I missed the Royal wedding, but now I get to a chance to be part of the Royal Baby celebrations…..

Are Cheap Airline Tickets Important?
Date 20 Nov 2013 | Posted by admin


Even if I get a cheap airline ticket to America I don’t think I’ll jump on the chance and go. Why? Despite the cheap airline ticket you ask? Yes, despite that. The long flight is the least of my problems because I can sleep for hours if I have to. What I’m scared ….