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Places That Pump Adrenaline: Adventure Travel Destinations

Date 7 Aug 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Adventure travel

Adventure traveling is on the rise, the new generation of travelers prefer braving the wild and facing the unknown as opposed to relaxing on the beach. This is not to say that travelers of the past generation do not like adventure, some of them love it and continue to seek thrills around the globe. The bottom line is that more and more people are seeking adventure on their vacation. This article lists the classic adventure travel destinations which laid the foundations of this type of travel.


Peru has a fascinating past with a wide array of ancient sites to explore. It was the land of many ancient peoples like the Incas and has their remnants throughout its landscape. In short Peru has it all. Travelers have the liberty of exploring the world’s mightiest river in the Amazon Basin or the option of surmounting the great snowcapped Andes and their neighboring peaks. Explore what it was like for the jungle tribes and those tribes which dwelled within the mountains, immerse yourself in their unique cultures. The highlight is following the Inca Trail to the spectacular mountaintop fortress of Macchu Picchu. These ancient ruins will leave you overwhelmed.


A safari through the Serengeti remains one of the best travel experiences by a fair margin. Spotting zebras, lions, giraffes, elephants and numerous as you travel in a classic jeep. A number of countries offer good safari options but to get the truest safari experience Kenya and Tanzania remain the best. The Serengeti runs through these countries and it is home to the greatest and most diverse wildlife on earth. Try to go during the Great Migration when millions of animals travel across the Serengeti. It is a spectacle that you will remember for years to come, also there is a camping option in the Serengeti which is highly recommended.


The gateway to the Himalayas, Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations in the world. Discover trails that take you deep into the mountains, through beautiful and remote valleys and grasslands with spectacular peaks in the background. It is a trekker’s dream. You can stay in cozy mountain villages populated by friendly locals. The most daring can venture to the foot of Mount Everest itself. If you love hiking and astounding views, Nepal is the adventure travel destination for you.

New Zealand

adventure travel destinations
NZ is filled with opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The range of activities on offer is vast and versatile and includes hiking, paddling, mountain-biking and climbing. The South and North Islands offer different experiences for the tourist however both have jaw dropping landscapes which will leave you in silent wonder. New Zealand is great for backpacking and is known for its ‘nine great walks’. Another factor that is alluring is the fact that Lord of the Rings was filmed here, and you can see most of your favorite places from the movies, there’s even a track which will lead you into the depths of Mordor itself.

Check out these adventure travel destinations for your next holiday.

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