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Places You Should Never Go While Playing Pokemon Go

Date 4 Aug 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul


Just because you have access to the game of the century doesn’t mean you go bonkers over it. Sadly, that is what we have seen with the addicts of Pokemon GO. Since they find it difficult to control the fever, they would set out to anywhere they find the Pokemon stops. This might seem very attractive and a huge shift away from the lazy routine. However, augmented reality games have their dangers.

Searching for the digital monsters is fun. However, there have been a number of incidents reported recently that tell how people ended up in trouble by being at inappropriate spots. There’s every reason to stay alert.

Here are some places you must forbid yourself from going while playing Pokemon GO.

1. Memorials

Pokemon GO

Memorials are built for a specific purpose and must be respected no matter what. Even if the game suggests tempting Pokemon hunting spots in and around the memorials, avoid them as much as possible. Playing this game at such somber places where people might react harshly is nothing sensible. Most of the memorials do not even allow you to take a selfie. Imagine they would react if they find out you’ve killed the whole spirit of a memorial by transforming it into a Pokemon zone.

2. Police Stations

Police Stations

Police stations are no fun places to be at and of course no one wishes to be around them. There are many police stations that have been alerted to not let any Pokemon lover in. But there are still chances that your local police station might not know about this recent craze about the augmented reality game and react harshly towards you. Pokeballs are your mission, we understand. However, stay away from police stations as much as you possibly can. Let’s keep them for serious business.

3. Museums


Museum of any kind follows a certain set of rules and these rules are there for a reason. When you are on your Pokemon hunt, avoid the museum no matter how tempting it might look as a Pokemon stop. Museum lovers would be deeply offended to witness that instead of admiring the great exhibitions, you’re merely focusing on your mission-Pokemon. Be wise and avoid the museum. After all, there are plenty of other places you could head out to. Why a museum among all of these?

4. Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

The world is definitely a beautiful place and each one of us should try to take nature breaks every now and then. It’s refreshing and helps you to realize the most beautiful things around you. There are plenty of breathtaking hiking trails in the world. They’re nothing short of amazing and if you are an adventure lover, you’d be pleased to make your way there. However, lately the hiking trails have merely converted to Pokemon GO stops by these addicts. Not only is this very dangerous, but also a huge disgrace to the Mother Nature. Let hiking not lose its essence, the game fever can certainly continue elsewhere.

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