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Plan A Dream Trip Through This Toronto Travel Guide

Date 27 Jun 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Toronto travel

Canada’s largest city is also its most charming one. A trip to Toronto is surely going to leave you amazed for a long time. There is a wealth of activities to enjoy in the city, whether you are a first time traveler or a regular tourist. This Toronto travel guide will take you to explore the best of them!

Toronto holds a special place in the world for being one of the culturally diverse cities. This capital of Canada is a wonder when it comes to the skyline, the top-notch public transportation and the bustling streets. I wish I could say the same for the weather, too! Here is how you can easily plan a trip to the Terrific Toronto.

1. Ideal Time to Visit

Toronto Travel Guide

When the temperatures start rising in the city, so do the prices. This is the most important thing to keep in consideration when planning a trip to the city. So what is the ideal time to visit Toronto? I would say between April to May. Alternatively, between September and November is also a good choice. Be prepared to experience miserably cold weather if you plan a trip anywhere between November and March. Most of the travelers head there because of the amazing skiing experience.

Summer days are surely perfect in Toronto. However, since these numbered days are valued a bit too much, you’ll come across abnormally high prices and longer queues everywhere you head towards. If you it’s about the weather, you may wish to summer somewhere else! Toronto takes pride in their outdoor activities and you can enjoy the best of it during spring and fall in the city.

2. Toronto Travel Guide: Out and About

Toronto Travel Guide: Out and About

Fareoair offers plenty of discounted flights to Toronto all year round. If you plan to take a flight to Toronto, it is best to avoid the thought of hiring a car later. There is nothing you won’t be able to explore with the public transportation. Finding parking space in Toronto is surely challenging. Even if you do, you’ll come across sky high parking fees.  Taxis are available in abundance, no matter where you head towards.

If you wish to explore the diversity of Toronto, public transportation is the best option. Although not having an extensive network, a subway is the ideal pick if you quickly wish to reach your destination. With trains running every few moments, it surely makes it easier to get around in Toronto. Many of the streetcars in Toronto operate round the clock and are surely the best way of getting around. If you wish to get to and from the Toronto Islands, you can only do so through a ferry ride. Being a big city, it doesn’t mean you can’t set out on your foot. This is the best way to explore the local neighborhoods. However, it’s important that you stick to well-lit street and are accompanied by someone!

3. A Food Lover’s Guide to Toronto

A Food Lover’s Guide to Toronto

Food lovers of all kinds will be mesmerized by what Toronto has to offer to the tourists. Because the city is culturally diverse, there are amazing options for great eating. The varieties of restaurants you will find in Toronto are completely overwhelming. If you wish to have a good introduction to Toronto’s food, Foodies on Foot is a great food tour. Alternatively, you can simply head out to any market, stroll on your own and discover great options of where the locals mostly head towards. St. Lawrence Market is one of these amazing ones, with plenty of vendors selling mouthwatering food!

This buzzy city has plenty of well known restaurants that you would be happy to visit. Black Hoof, Bar Raval, DaiLo and Patois are some of these wonderful eateries.

4. Toronto’s Wondrous Attractions

Toronto’s Wondrous Attractions

When it comes to attractions, you’ll be spoilt with choices. That’s how lively the city is! For your first time to the city, this Toronto travel guide highly suggests some places you must visit!

Some travelers get the impression that Toronto is simply like any big city in the world. If you wish to escape that hustle and bustle, the Toronto Islands are a splendid choice. Each of these islands is well connected and has something unique to explore. From splendid beaches to the perfect outdoor adventures, there are plenty of things you’ll enjoy on a day out to these islands.

If you wish to get a good glimpse into Toronto’s past, you’ll be thrilled to make your way to the Distillery District. The ambiance of this place is matchless to that of any other. There are plenty of festivals and outdoor activities happening all year round in and around the area.

Toronto has its own version of Pier 39; Harbourfront Centre is one of a kind! With many places to eat out and small parks, it is the best place to be when the weather allows.

If you wish to experience the best chaos in your life, make your way to the Kensington Market. This place is always packed with fashionistas, shopaholics and life performers.

Toronto takes hockey religiously, and no trip to the city is ever complete without making your way to the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum. Toronto Zoo, CN Tower and Casa Loma are some other marvelous attractions in Toronto. The city’s range of impressive sights is a delight to explore!

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