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Planning The Perfect Honeymoon on a Budget in the Least Stressful Way

Date 16 Jul 2018 | Posted by Linda Paul


Planning a wedding is stressful enough and it consumes a large chunk of a couple’s savings. Even though many consider a honeymoon to be a time of luxury, not every couple has the capability to splurge on a lavish honeymoon right after the wedding. Not splurging on a honeymoon doesn’t mean that your first honeymoon should be skimped. There are ways to plan the perfect honeymoon on a budget and trust me when I say it doesn’t require you robbing a bank.

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1. Plan The Honeymoon As A Couple

Sometimes the groom leaves it to the bride to choose the honeymoon destination, which is a bad idea. Not because the bride doesn’t have a good taste or isn’t capable of choosing a budget-friendly destination. It’s a honeymoon for a couple, so both should have equal input into the planning process because it’ll make the honeymoon more enjoyable. Have discussion where both of you talk about certain key factors in what you want in your budget honeymoon.

Would you rather explore a bustling city, or drink coconut juice on a beach? Make a list of activities and must-see items that you’d both like to do so you can then factor them into your budget. Also, create a budget during the initial planning stage so you can limit your selections.

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2. Try Not To Travel During The Peak Season

Once you’ve selected the destination, your next task should be to check when the peak tourist season starts. If you want to get the most out of your budget, we recommend that you travel during the off-season. Peak season varies from country to country depending on the climate and holidays. If the peak season falls right after the wedding, then delay the honeymoon for a couple of weeks. There is no rule that says you have to go for your honeymoon right after the wedding. The honeymoon will be another thing you’ll have to look forward to, especially if you’re having a Monica (Geller) moment after the wedding is over.

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3. Try Fareoair

This website is great for travelers because it provides excellent discount rates on airline tickets, car rentals and even hotels, all in one place. So everything that you’d need to plan out your budget is right here, and you’ll find yourself saving a large chunk of money which you can splurge on yourself or save up. The website will also come in handy during the initial planning for the honeymoon because you can check for affordable prices for the best travel destinations all around the world.

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4. Ask For Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and recommendations from friends and family. If someone you know went on a honeymoon in the last two years, give them a call and ask their advice. They’ll tell you what they learned through their experience. It’s even better if the couple you’re asking advice from has similar tastes to yours or has been to the same destination.

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