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Puzzling Travel Decisions: Train Vs Plane

Date 5 Nov 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

train vs plane

Feeling your heart jumping up and down with joy? We all know that feeling once we plan to begin traveling. While it is exciting to think about the amazing memories and limitless adventures you are about to experience, planning can sometimes be very tedious! Where to go? What not to miss? How would I fit all that in my budget? Skip fancy meals or that extra bit of shopping? What is the best way to travel: train vs plane? They can turn out to be tough decisions while planning with no guarantee of the outcome.

Let’s try and solve one of these mysteries. Train vs plane; which is the most feasible way of traveling? Unfortunately, the choice is not so straightforward and involves countless variables. Let’s take a look at the best of both modes before we conclude to a decision.

Thinking to travel through the train? Explore some reasons why you should.


All the budget-conscious travelers know how attractive that sounds. Trains are the best way to commute if you wish to save on your trip. If you as an avid traveler hold a train pass, it allows you to make multiple trips in the most economical way. It certainly won’t be as fast as the air travel, but surely is the next best alternative as it speeds with no traffic.

2.Sights To See

Sights to see
So you pay a fortune and are only able to view the landscape at the times of landing and taking off? Travelers away from the window seats do not even get that benefit. Where’s all the fun in traveling then? With trains, you have the advantage of experiencing the best views as you travel along. Many of us look forward to it!


There are numerous destinations a train stops at before reaching its destination. This allows you to be flexible with your plans and gives you a golden chance to visit many cities along the way!

But why would we not travel only by train if it had the best of both the worlds? Let’s take a look at why air travel is better in comparison to trains.


For long hauls, the supremacy of an air journey can’t be challenged. Even when it is more costly, traveling through a plane is more feasible because most of us find ourselves struggling with time.


We’ve all certainly heard of the most tragic plane crashes that are remembered forever. Still, they are more rare any other mode of transportation. You’re more likely to end up losing your life in a train than an air journey.



They may cost you a fortune, but no compromise over the comfort! The fine services, reclining seats and relaxing ambiance make a plane journey attractive for all kinds of traveling.

The debate of ‘train vs plane’ is an endless one. Before making a decision, it is better to keep your key factors and budget in consideration.

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