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Quirkiest Airport Hacks You Must Be Aware Of

Date 9 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Quirkiest Airport Hacks

Learning airports hacks is invaluable.

Travelers seldom like airports. They can make even the most enthusiastic travelers become weary of being on the go. The cancelations and delays can make the situation even worse. For some, bidding farewells are the toughest part while others loathe airports for the endless security check.

Surviving your stay at the airport might turn out to be very unpleasant for many travelers. Here are some of the best airport hacks you’ll be delighted to know.

1. Signage: Your Lifeline!

Signage: Your Lifeline!

Are you flummoxed every time you enter the airport? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone there. This happens with many. Even the no brainer tasks seem like an ordeal.

The toughest challenge upon entering the airport is to navigate yourself through the crowds. Many people do not like asking for help and struggle to find their way.

It’s an absolute no to follow the crowds and assume they’d take you where you wish to go. Time is most precious, especially when you’re at the airport. To avoid troubles, use the signs as the guideline instead of following the crowds.

2. Booking Red-Eye Flights; Successful Airport Hacks

Despite the best efforts, many travelers are miserable even at the thought of airports. If nothing else works for you, booking a red-eye flight would be a sensible option. Through red-eye flights, you’ve the chance of escaping airport blues through early arrival at the terminal. This means lesser crowds and more peace of mind.

3. Dress Appropriately

Dress Appropriately

You can certainly do without those high heels!

One of the most complicated decisions when it comes to airports is deciding what to wear. Many people struggle with what to appropriately wear at the airport.

Impractical get-ups will only make your travel experience more uncomfortable. Even if you insist style over comfort, sensible clothing is a must at the airport. After all, why would you want yourself to be miserable inside a tin can high up in the air?

Instead of needlessly getting yourself in a troublesome situation at the airport security, avoid wearing metal chains or jewelry. Because many airports demand you to take off your shoes, wearing practical shoes is what you can’t compromise over.

When choosing clothing, opt for the comfortable ones that still make you appear stylish!

4. Wear Your Luggage

If you want to make your airport stay hassle free, it is best to be on top of the game. Nearly all airlines now charge for the checked baggage. You can make use of carry-on, but they have a limitation too.

Luckily, airlines don’t weigh you as yet. This means you can wear the heavier clothing instead of packing them.  The lighter and less space consuming ones can rest in your luggage.

5. Empty Water Bottle

Empty WaterBottle

If you wish to stay healthy and happy, staying hydrated is a must. Air travel means you need to drink even more water instead of choosing fizzy drinks of caffeine.

Sadly, airport charges too much for a bottled water and it doesn’t work out to be a sensible option.

Since the security wouldn’t allow you to take anything beyond 100 ml, always carry an empty water bottle at the airport. Once you’re through from the security, you can always use the water fountain for filling up your bottle. Restaurant staff is mostly kind enough to fill them up for you!

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