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A Roadside Oddity: Strangest Roadside Attractions

Date 1 Jul 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Roadside Oddity

There are few things as fun and interesting as taking a road trip through the US. With summer rolling around, this is the best time to gather your buddies, rent a car, dip into some of your savings and drive off into the sunset. This sort of trip is easy on the wallet and can be really exciting; driving on vast stretches of country roads, stopping where you want, eating at roadside dinners, and as a big bonus the road itself is very entertaining for it is littered with multiple attractions. In this article we list the strangest roadside attractions to grace the roadways of the US.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch
Located in Amarillo, Texas, this is a graveyard of 10 colorfully painted Cadillacs driven half into the ground. Constructed by 3 artists collectively called the Ant Farm, it documents the years of the ostentatious tail fin. Bring your own paint and add to this odd collection of art.

Shoe Tree

Located in Middlegate Nevada, the legend surrounding this tree has it that after an argument among two newly wed campers, the wife threatened to walk out on the husband upon which he lofted her shoes high into the tree. The couple made amends and after having their first child returned to the fateful tree to add a pair of baby shoes to the previous ones. Inspired, people started dangling shoes from this tree.

Ball of Stamps

Boys Town, Nebraska has a ball made of stamps which weighs 600 pounds and measures 32 inch in diameter. This is the work of the Town’s Stamp Collecting Club, and you have to admire their dedication to their club. Built in the 1950s, it has around 4.6 million postage stamps and certainly deserves a place among the strangest roadside attractions.

Leaning Tower of Niles

strangest roadside attractions
Not it’s a full replica of the one in Pisa rather a half replica. It leans precariously over two swimming pools in waterpark. If you’re anywhere near Niles, Illinois this is worth a visit.

Lenny the Moose

Lenny has the distinction of being a roadside attraction even though he is kept indoors. He has to be for Lenny is made up of chocolate. Created from 1700 pounds of milk chocolate over a one month period, Lenny proudly stands in a Candy Store for Len Libby located in Scarborough, ME. And yes you can be forgiven for calling him Lenny the Mousse.

House of Beer

Located in Houston, TX this house is built entirely of 50000 beer cans and took almost two decades to build. Well drinking that much beer does require work.

A Giant Picnic

A Giant Picnic
If you happen to be in Newark, OH, be sure to check out Longaberger Company Headquarters. The building is fairly easy to spot since it’s in the shape of a giant picnic basket.

Prada Pride

There’s a solitary Prada Store sitting just outside of Mafra, TX. It has authentic Prada products. Yes you can window shop. No you cannot go in.

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