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Sandcastles In The Sand: A Day On The Beach With Your Kids

Date 16 Jun 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Sandcastles In The Sand

The beach is one of the best spots for any type of vacation but it is especially good if you’re looking to spend some quality vacation time with your kids. It has a myriad of activities for both adults and children and pleasant weather. You can have fun or just relax with a good book while the kids partake in whatever they find fun. Or your entire family do something together like play volleyball or build a sandcastle. Some people think that tagging the kids along, especially if they’re relatively young, is a hassle and in a way dangerous, so they avoid going to the beach. Don’t let a few trivial things like sand getting in your food, prevent you from having fun at the beach with your kids. With the following things in mind, you can have a great time.

Dangerous Depths

beach with your kids
Talk to your kids at length about the dangers of the ocean. They should know that all things said, the ocean is a vast body of water and straying too far without proper safety measures can result in death. Don’t beat around the bush, tell your kids straight up and put on a limit that they’re not to go too far from the beach into the ocean.

The Guard

Go to the beach early. It’s not crowded at that time and you can easily find a good spot – such a spot is near the lifeguard station and close to the water. Also try to go when the tide isn’t coming in, this will save you the annoyance of moving your stuff if the tide comes in.

A Cart

a cart
If you visit the beach frequently, you should buy a wonder wheels. This will make carrying all your stuff a lot easier. And if you go to the beach with your kids, there’s usually a lot of stuff. This is also a great place for putting your cellphone and other electronics safely away from the sand.

Everything Is Better With Food

Most things become better when you have food. And good food is the difference between a good day and a bad one. Do not, at any cost, forget to pack snacks. In addition pack some foodstuff such as pasta or sandwiches. These will help to eliminate the hunger that you and the kids are sure to work up.

Et Cetera

Et Cetera
Baby power is good for removing sand, use it before climbing in the car. Freeze a couple bottles of water to ensure you have cold water even if you stay there for a long time. Reapply sunblock every 80 minutes. In order to avoid crowds, you should go during the week. Bring a large beach blanket, you never know if your kids will fall asleep, plus it also helps when you’re having lunch. Everyone remembers to bring their umbrella, not many people remember those corkscrew things (auger) which help keep the umbrella in the sand.

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