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Secrets For Cheap Family Flights Revealed!

Date 17 Oct 2016 | Posted by Umema Aimen


Parents across the world will tell you how daunting the prospect of a family vacation can be. Kids are expensive and traveling with them even more so. The truth is that saving up for one person’s ticket is hard enough so how to bag a good bargain for the entire family?

Well, here are some tips to find cheap family flights:

1. Keep it Short Distance:

cheap family flights
First step is to decide on a place. Look for domestic destinations first as they’ll always be cheaper and cause the least amount of hassle. If you choose a destination abroad, research to see which places have cheaper flights. Finding cheap places doesn’t mean you won’t get a true holiday experience like you would in a popular tourist destination. Most people flock to Western Europe because it’s full of exciting places like Paris and Venice but you’ll find just as many alluring spots and cities in Eastern Europe – only cheaper and less crowded.

2. Book Early:

Whether you’re traveling solo or with family, you need to start surfing the web for tickets sooner rather than later. Families have an advantage over lone travelers because they usually begin planning their trip much more in advance. However, the trick is not to book too early. Expert advice is to book domestic flights seven days in advance and international flights should be booked at least three months prior. Booking early is a guaranteed way of finding cheap family flights.

3. Time It Right:

Once you’ve decided your holiday destination, don’t buy the first deal you find online. A good bargain comes with a little wait. Airlines change fares constantly so it is important to check multiple times a week. Keep track of different deals and check the differences in price, travel time and number of layovers. Once you’ve found the cheapest deal – which is most accommodating of your family’s needs – don’t waste time in thinking it over. These offers go just as quickly as they come.

4. Weekends Are a No-No:

Don’t buy tickets on a weekend and don’t fly on a weekend. Remember this golden rule and you’re sure to find cheap family flights. Mid-week flights are the least expensive. Save money and use it elsewhere on your vacation.

5. Know Your Airports:

Know your airports
The major airport in your region is most likely to have expensive flights. Find an alternative, smaller airport and you’re more likely to find cheaper flights for most popular routes. A smaller, less congested airport is a better fit for the family than a bigger, busier one.

6. Sign up For a Frequent Flyer Program:

If your yearly calendar includes multiple holiday trip every year – Thanksgiving with one side of the family, Christmas with the other or a mini summer vacation trip – then sign up your kids for a frequent flyers program. It will not help in the short-term but eventually it will get you a free flight for a kid or two.

Airfare takes the biggest part of your holiday budget. With these tips, you’re sure to find cheap tickets for the family. Save some pennies on airfare and use them to buy the kids some extra holiday souvenirs.

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