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Simple Ways To Learn A New Language On Your Travels

Date 9 Feb 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

learn a new language

Flying to a new destination is learning in itself. There’s a lot to explore and discover no matter what corner of the globe you’re heading towards. Whether you’re traveling in a group or alone, traveling is a blessing and making the most of your journey is what is required on your part. Regardless of what your destination is, there are some things you must to when you land in an alien land. Connecting with the locals, tasting their cuisine and walking through its streets are some of them.

There’s another one here, which sadly a lot of travelers miss out. You should make the effort to learn a new language! Many give up, because it can be very challenging at times. You aren’t expected to become a professional at it. However, learning a few important phrases would help you immensely. Although English commonly spoken in nearly all the countries in the world. However, nothing replaces the national language. The locals would naturally connect with you better if they see you making an effort to learn their language.

What may seem like an ordeal will not appear so after we suggest you some helpful ways to learn a new language for your travels!

1. Listen and Mimic

You might have all your life discouraged about mimicking. However, if you are attempting to learn a new language it can turn out to be very helpful. Listening is easy, but actively listening consciously is a difficult task. Learning a foreign language would become impossible if you aren’t an active listener. Once you pay attention, you can recognize the most often used words and repeated phrases. Mimicry helps to reinforce what you’ve learned.

2. Act like a Child

No one expects a little child to communicate perfectly. It all begins with babbling and goes on to uttering words and phrases. It’s the later stages when they actually start with the meaningful communication. This is a natural process and you have to consider it to be the same for yourself. Learn a new language exactly as a little child does. Inquire and keep repeating to get a better grasp of the language you’re trying to learn.

3. Take Lesson

Take Lesson
Arguably, this works out the best for many. Because learning on your own can often become challenging, formal study can take many of your worries away. However, the foundation only comes when you get to learn the basics of a language; grammar, punctuation and tenses. There are many licensed driving schools that specialize in this matter and would make your job easy. This makes your learning journey much more disciplined and you can see yourself making a progress along the way.

4. Resist Speaking what you’re Comfortable with

It often seems tempting when we come across hotel staff or some local communicating in English. You naturally feel more comfortable communicating with them and find it easier to ask anything you’ve been hoping for. It may seem a blessing, but it is indirectly hampering your learning journey. In order to avoid that from happening, resist communicating in your native language whenever you can. This might require you to be patient, but it is worth the effort.

5. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It can often be monotonous to listen to alien words. Even more if you’re required to learn them! It is challenging, but you must step out of your comfort zone in order to achieve a milestone. Listening to the songs and radio of a foreign country can help you to learn the language better. Even if you don’t understand any of it, you’ll still get familiar with a lot.

Getting a pocket dictionary is also helpful in learning quickly, especially for business travelers who are on the go!

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