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Six Reasons Why You Need To Book Through Online Travel Agents

Date 19 May 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Online Travel Agents

Many times I have come across this question on forums and discussion boards that “Who books with online travel agents?” Are the good enough? I always prefer booking directly through the airlines website that’s the best way. But before we jump to conclusion, let me tell you something about these third party websites so take a deep breath and you will know why booking through an online travel agent is good.

Online travel agents (online travel agencies) do the following six things which airline sites don’t do:

Comparison Of Fares

With online travel agents you can easily get a quick comparison on the fares of different airlines as well as their schedules. For example if your main priority is to reach your destination by 2pm and all the flights are arriving there by 2pm for $300 won’t you like to also quickly see the airlines flying to your destination in lower fares.

Flexible Date Searches

Be flexible with your dates let’s say you got to visit your girlfriend in Colorado this Tuesday now we you check the fare for this Tuesday its costing you $300 where as if you book your flight for Wednesday or Thursday you get to pay $200 for the same flight and same time. Online travel agents always allow you to book through flexible date searches and at times they also let you perform search for 60 days ahead.

Multi-Airline Itineraries

Multi Airline Itineraries
It sounds like a good idea flying on three different airlines if to get cheaper airfare for your main destinations, online travel agents can help you in these kinds of scenarios. Unlike the travel websites they take you back to the best deal pages.


Online travel agents can get you associated with special last minute packages or deals where you get hotel plus airline tickets for half the cost.

Opaque Fares

Online travel agents always stay fair with the prices they charge you what you are shown and don’t have any extra or hidden costs plus you always get a cheaper price with them as compared to purchasing directly from the airlines.

Code Share Airfares

Code Share Airfares
Often you will come across a strange thing two flights that are leaving at the same time from different airlines cost different prices – for example Delta and Alitalia, Delta is flying the same flight for $1000 and Alitalia is flying for $500, why such a huge difference well its simple Delta has purchased the seats from Alitalia and is free to charge any price for them. This is basically code share arrangement. If you are a smart traveler you will check the website of Alitalia and if you aren’t you will overpay.

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