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Snowy Thrills And Spills: Beautiful Skiing Destinations

Date 23 Jun 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Snowy Thrills and Spills

Everyone loves skiing. There’s something about gliding down a snow covered mountain slope at speed feeling the chill and snow on your face that is exceedingly satisfying. Even if most of us tumble down on our first tries. Skiing is one of the top activities that people do during their vacations especially those who live in warmer climates. Tons of skiing resorts exist throughout the world but some are more appealing than others and below are listed the most beautiful skiing destinations that grace our planet.

Alpbach, Austria

One of Europe’s most beautiful villages during the summer, in the winter Alpbach becomes something out of a fairytale. Located on a sunny plateau, 1000 meters above sea level with the Alps as a backdrop, Alpbach is stunning its homogenous architecture, snow lined streets and lights make it look like a Christmas card. As a skiing resort Alpbach carters to both beginners and expert skiers. First timers can practice eon the flats at the mountain’s base whereas the experts have challenging routes from Loderstein running around the Thundershower to the gondola station.

Megeve, France

Beautiful Skiing Destination
Megeve is a quaint medieval style village at the base of Mont Blanc. It was developed as a ski resort by the Rothchilds and was originally a prime location for the French aristocracy. Now it is one of the best ski resorts of the world. It has undergone expansion since its inception but has retained its picturesque and cozy feel. Elegant and laid back it houses a 13th century church and an open air ice rink in its central square. With excellent restaurants and cafes, you’ll be kept well fed. Shopping is also great and there’s nothing like sipping a warm coffee at night while walking in this winter wonderland.

Saas Fee, Switzerland

This stunning traditional Swiss village lies amid 13 peaks of the Alps each of which measures around 4000m. So you can imagine the backdrop and the views on offer. This beautiful village is filled with bars, cafes and boutiques and manages to retain an authentic village feel. It’s located at high altitude and is especially good for beginner skiers. Easy slopes exist at the bottom, top and middle. However for the mores seasoned skier, a true challenge is lacking. That doesn’t mean anyone won’t enjoy their stay however. The nightlife is vibrant and it has great places to stay.

Deer Valley, USA

Deer Valley, USA
Deer Valley was a venue site during the Winter Olympics of 2002. It regularly hosts events of the International Ski Federation. It was also named the top ski resort in the US by Ski Magazine for 5 years straight. What more reasons does one need? Its facilities and amenities make it a step above the competition. Six mountains with varying elevations provide challenges to both beginners and experts, especially the latter. It has three famous Olympic Runs on which skiers can test their skills as well.
For your next vacation skiing would be the ideal adventure. Visit any of these beautiful skiing destinations and have a picture perfect holiday.

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