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Some Of The Things You Didn’t Know While Traveling …

Date 28 Oct 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul


Exploring the world of unknown is mostly very adventurous; and there is no better way to do it than to trot around the globe. Often you miss out on little secrets that surround traveling, even while being a frequent flier.

So which of these are new discoveries for you? Let’s find out some of the things you didn’t know of while traveling!

Trip To The Cockpit

Ever wondered what is life like inside the cockpit? Yes, that’s a dream which can be fulfilled. Board early and avail the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the plane. The crew can be very welcoming to these tours when they are less busy.

Multiple Meals

Air travel is wonderful in a variety of ways; for travelers yes, but ever thought it would be so amazing for the pilots?

The pilot and the copilot are never offered the same food on the flight. Royal treatment, yes!

But this is well thought out, because if the meal poisons one of them, the other is still away from that mess.

Snacks, a Second Time?

Snacks a second time
Oh, yes! Most of us find our tummies not satisfied by the limited mean offered by airlines. If it is not a budget airline, the crew will stock enough food for everyone and may merrily offer you a second chance to munch on. This may not be possible in the First class, but if you find yourself in the economic cabin and witness the flight is not fully loaded, don’t miss out your golden chance!

Sleeping Pilots?

You get seated in the plane, all set to commence your journey. And there goes the cabin announcement. But there is more to it! Pilots are required to sleep in shifts, so while you hear one person making the announcements, there may be others busy with their beauty sleep. Ideally, pilots are required to get a minimum 10 hours of sleep without any interruption.

You’re Safe!

While traveling, most of us are occupied with sinking thoughts about the safety of the vehicle you’re traveling in. There is something to make you feel better. There is a built-in lightning protection system inside a craft. How does that make your life any better? You are less likely to lose your life from any lightening related accidents.

Celebrate in Style!

Celebrate in style
In premium airlines, you can merrily celebrate your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or even a bon voyage! They’ll offer you a customized cake if you inform in advance. A cherry on the top, it will be a complementary one!

From First Aids To Doctors

Often our anxiety while traveling goes high because of an illness or infections, aches of different kinds or cuts. Flights mostly are equipped with adequate first aid, a range of medicines and trained crew that can provide you first aid. Most of the times, there are several doctors flying on board who immediately come to assistance. Was this one of the things you didn’t know while traveling?

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