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Something Out Of The Ordinary: World’s Quirkiest Hotels

Date 25 Jun 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Quirkiest Hotels

A hotel is tailored according to the clientele it serves. For example a hotel which caters mostly to businessmen would include meeting rooms with the required media facilities. Similarly a hotel serving a popular tourist destination will have different amenities than the aforementioned business hotel. Below is a list of the world’s quirkiest hotels, they are magnificently peculiar, and staying at any one of them will be a truly unique experience.

SnowCastle of Kemi

The largest icehotel in the world, it is rebuilt every year with a different architecture. Of course being made entirely of snow/ice, it melts yearly so it has to be rebuilt. Living in an iceworld is a very unique experience and it’s not as expensive as one would think. However sleeping on icebeds may not be that comfortable.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Located in Key Largo Florida, this is the only undersea hotel in the world. Resting on slits 5 feet off the floor of the tropical lagoon, this hotel is surrounded by aquatic life. To get inside a person has to dive around 21 feet into the sea and enter through the floor of an apartment. For those who are not certified scuba divers, a short course on scuba diving is mandatory before they’re allowed to go.

Tianzi Garden Hotel

Built as an image of The Sanxing (Three Stars) of Chinese Traditional Religion, the hotel is built in the shape of the three gods named Fu, Lu and Shou, this hotel will certainly leave you staring. The entrance lies in the right foot of Shou and the peach he is holding in his left hand is actually a suite. This hotel won the 2001 Guinness World Record the largest image building.

Karostas Cietums

Built in 1905, Karostas is a former military prison which housed fugitives from Stalin’s time. It is located in Liepāja, Latvia. It offers several shows and games including one in which you play an authentic spy game. In one show you will step into the shoes of a prisoner and spend a dark and dismal night at this ‘hotel’. Guests arrive at the Naval Port at 9 p.m. and the show lasts 9 a.m., during the night they are treated like a prisoner sleeping on prison bunks, eating prison food and feeling what it’s like to be a Soviet era war criminal. Certainly not pleasant but very adventurous.

Faralda Crane Hotel

Yes, it’s a hotel built atop a crane. Located in Netherlands, this hotel has suites located 50 meters above the ground and they offer an impressive view of the city of Amsterdam. And if staying this high is not exciting enough you have the option of Bungee jumping from the top.
In order to get something more from your holiday and just to go ‘wow’, visit the world’s quirkiest hotels.

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