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Spectacular Destinations For First-Time Backpackers

Date 3 Dec 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

First Time travel

It takes a lot of strength and courage to explore the world out of your comfort zone. From saving a huge amount of money to putting your safety at stake, a lot of us can only dream of getting anywhere close to it. Whether you go solo or decide to tag a partner along, there is no better way to surrender the monotony of life and pack your bags to explore the wonders of this beautiful world.

First-time Backpackers face a lot of challenges and the traveling involves endless decisions that need to be taken seriously. From deciding what to pack to fitting everything in the limited budget are some typical challenges that backpackers may have to face. So even when backpackers get enough confidence, saved a fortune and packed their bags, the most important of these decisions can still be lurking. Many of us find it challenging when it comes to deciding what destination to head towards.

Backpacking is the most economical yet fun filled way of exploring the world around you!
Here are some of the wonderful destinations for first-time backpackers.

1. Europe

Although the entire continent can’t be explored on a single journey, Europe is an ideal destination for backpacking. The amazing landscape and wondrous sites all over Europe provide an amazing opportunity for tourism. There are some of the cities that stand out among the visitors.

Paris, the city of lights and love is one of the top choices of backpackers. The city is connected through four airports which mean it can be easily accessed through cheap flights. The marvelous food, Eiffel Tower and Louvre are only some of the amazing aspects of Paris.

Berlin is another fine choice for backpacking, especially because it is economical. It is a pleasure for all history lovers and the lively clubs of the city are enthralling for the visitors. Wander through the outstanding attractions of the city and have the time of your life!

And why wouldn’t anyone love Barcelona? Whether you spend your days on the beautiful beaches or engage in the night clubs, it is the favorite choice for backpackers around the globe.

2. Peru

If you have around a week, you’d have an ideal vacation in Peru. Attracting adventurers around the globe for millions of years, the terrific cultural mix of the country is a cherry on the top. The classical trail of Gringo is a wonderful way to explore the beauty of Peru. The country has a variety of cheap hotels which are ideal for backpackers. The Nasca Lines, Machu Picchu and Lake Titikaka are some of the star attractions of Peru. It is surely a heaven for adventurers, whether you decide to trek, go water rafting or sand boarding.

3. Malaysia

With Thailand winning all the limelight for tourism, Malaysia’s beauty often goes under rated. The wonderful cultural mix of Chinese, Malay and Western people makes it a country worth a hundred visits. For backpackers visiting the country for the first time, it is an economical holiday because you’ll always find something in Malaysia that suits your budget just ideally! The relaxing beaches of Malaysia, such as the Cenang Beach and Redang Island Beach are a treat for the backpackers. Malaysia is also famous for its unique cuisine, wonderful attractions and of course the iconic Petronas Towers.

Build the courage of become a first-time backpacker and explore some marvelous destinations around the globe in a budget that suits you!

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