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Strategic Moves To Score Hotel Upgrades

Date 23 Feb 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

hotel upgrade

If you never try your luck, you’d never know what it feels like to be treated in a royal manner. Travel upgrades and perks come in many shapes and forms; each of which would ease your journey. When it comes to winning a hotel upgrade, many travelers find it tough to get through.
However, it isn’t impossible. For getting a hotel upgrades, you’ll have to sometimes try your luck. At other times, strategic moves would do a fine job in getting you to enjoy a luxurious stay.  Here are some tips you can take advantage of.

1. Do Your Homework

If your stroke of luck worked the first time, don’t expect it to always do the trick for you. For getting an upgrade in the hotel you desire for, doing your homework beforehand is an essential act. You must get to know the hotel well, its policies and the kind of room that it offers. You should also get aware of what the hotel is like during the peak season traveling. When wishing for an upgrade, it is very important to be realistic about the kind of room you’d be getting.

2. Ask

Sometimes, we forget how simple things can do a great job. Instead of unnecessarily complicating things and using finagle ways to get upgraded, ask away if you’ve a chance of winning an upgrade. You’ll never really know if you don’t ask because a lot of what you’ve been assuming all along is false. Just politely approach the hotel staff and ask them about the chances of winning an upgrade. You don’t have to hold any special status to ask for an upgrade. Whether it involves Wi-Fi or getting a fancier room, you’d be surprised at what the staff has to say. One important thing to remember here is to be discreet when you ask because the hotel is less likely to gift upgrades to each and every guest!

3. The Hotel’s Reward Program

Being loyal would help you everywhere in your life. Businesses reward the loyal clients better than the ordinary ones, for obvious reasons. For increasing your chances of getting a hotel upgrade, signing up for a hotel reward program is beneficial. Hotel loyalty programs brings about many perks for the members and can get you closer to a fancier room in the hotel you desire of. Any leading hotel chain would do its best to keep the frequent guests happy. Using credit cards is also extremely beneficial when booking a hotel. Whenever a space is available in the hotel, priority is given to the frequent guests of the hotel.

4. Special Occasions Count!

There’s no harm in allowing others to know you feel special for a reason. If that can get you to have a hotel upgrade, it gets even better. Hotels value you for spending the milestones of your life with them. Whether it is a birthday, honeymoon or an anniversary celebration; letting the hotel know at the time of booking and check-in is worth it. Adding to the merriment in the form of a hotel upgrade would make it even more special. The staff at the hotel is likely to go an extra mile to make it a super special holiday for you! During the peak time traveling season when it’s all a chaos, there are less chances of a hotel upgrade.

5. Opt For Low Season

For savings and winning upgrades, peak time traveling is a big no. It is important to understand that for the money making businesses wait for these profitable times of the year to make the most earnings. Scoring a hotel upgrade during these times is next to nil. If you can allow yourself to be flexible, opt for low season traveling. Not only does that increase your chances of scoring an upgrade, you can also take benefit of lesser crowds.

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