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Stunning Greek Islands You Must Explore

Date 31 Mar 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

Greek Islands

If you wish to truly experience heaven on earth, a visit to the Greek Islands is an absolute must. Being one of the most popular travel destinations, a visit to one of these magical islands will clearly justify why tourists love it. Unparalleled natural beauty, stunning vistas, historical wonders and pristine beaches make Greece an ultimate place for planning a dream vacation.

Here are some of these drop dead gorgeous Greek Islands that you must explore soon!

1. Santorini


Emerging from a volcano eruption, Santorini is one of the most picturesque islands of Greece. Still an active volcano, this dreamy land is an ideal destination whether you’re looking forward to enjoy a romantic getaway or simply relax by the wonderful beaches.

The inky waters and huge cliffs make it a unique complex. The villages that seem to be whitewashed make it an absolutely amazing vision. If you truly wish to enjoy this heavenly destination, a visit during October is ideal when the days are warm and the crowds are less dense.

Through Santorini, you’ll get to experience the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets of your life.

2. Mykonos


It is a pleasure to head to the most cosmopolitan place in the Cyclades islands. If you’re looking forward to enjoy endless entertainment and lively parties, Mykonos is the ideal place to be. Tourists particularly visit this island for enjoying the thrilling nightlife of the island.

The enchanting Mykonos is home to the most stunning architecture. Naturally, the beaches win the show for being ultimately scenic. Whether you wish to relax, sunbathe or experience the wonderful snorkeling, Mykonos is a heavenly spot. To explore the unique culture of these islands, a trip to Little Venice is a must.

3. Naxos


Naxos is rated as one of the most amazing Greek Islands. Because it is one of the biggest Cyclades islands, there are countless adventures and opportunities to keep tourists amused on their travels.

Naxos is home to stunning beaches and picturesque villages based on the mountains. In Naxos, you’ll find some great excursion tours that would help you to explore this divine island. No matter how long you’re staying in Naxos for, you’ll always find something that keeps you entertained.

One of the best reasons for visiting the island is that it will always go easy on your pocket, if you manage to avoid the peak times.

4. Milos


The beautiful islands of Milos are the most captivating ones for the tourists. They are diverse and provide the best nature break to the travelers. The white sandy beaches in Milos provide plenty of opportunities for recreation. There is plenty to keep you captivated throughout your stay at the Milos Islands.

Spending your day at the famous beach is an absolute must. Most of the beaches are accessible by land and no matter how big or small they’re in size, you’re bound to be thrilled throughout your journey. Because the island is so scenic, a boat tour would help you to explore its surroundings. Milos is also home to some interesting villages. Klima and Mantrakia are some of these. It’s a delight to dine at any of the restaurants in Milos, each standing out in the tasteful local cuisine.

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