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Successfully Pack Luggage in 30 Minutes

Date 1 Dec 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Pack Luggage

When it comes to traveling, most of us enjoy every step that brings us closer to our destination, despite the hassles and stress it may bring. Among such hassles lies the part which plays the most important role throughout your journey.

Yes, correctly guessed. It all ends and begins with Packing. It can become very challenging at times, most of us wish for a fairy godmother to appear from the blue to pack it all for us.
But does it actually have to become this nightmarish for you? Unfortunately, maybe you’ve been doing it completely wrong all along the way.

Packing effectively is an art. If you want to master it, plan, stay focused and stick to the plan! Keep the packing stress out of the way because we’ll tell you effective ways to pack luggage in 30 minutes!

30 Minutes?! When you’ve spent days around it, you might think this is too good to come true. But let’s prove you wrong this one time. Set a timer for half an hour and off you go!

1. Select The Appropriate Baggage

appropriate baggage
Since this is the first step of the procedure, getting it wrong means you get the whole process incorrect. So whether you opt for a suitcase or a carrier bag, ensure that it suits your trip and the size is appropriate for your adventures. As a rule of thumb, it is good to possess 2-3 suitcases of varying sizes so that it comes handy depending on the destination you are traveling to. A word of advice: Do not unnecessarily carry additional baggage if you’re prepared to look after them at all times.

2. Checklist

pack luggage in 30 minutes
No, you’ve been doing it wrong all along. Instead of dumping items to effectively fit the space in your suitcase, opt for a different strategy this time. Create a checklist. You might think you’re making it too formal for yourself, but it’s going to save you from a lot of troubles in the future. In the checklist, write down all the essentials you’d need for the trip. This way, you can keep on adding and deleting items as they come to your mind. Whether it is an instant business trip or your upcoming honeymoon, stay organized and make use of the check list to ensure you pack all the essentials.

3. Pack Smartly

Pack Smartly
Yes the clock is ticking fast and you’re about complete the mission to pack luggage in 30 minutes. What you end up putting in your suitcase would entirely stay personalized to the destination you travel to. However, there are a few golden rules here. When you begin packing, keep your list along. Begin with the clothes so that items of regular use stay on the top and can be easily accessed along the way. Choose clothes that are wrinkle free and can be used for a variety of combination. This saves you from the hassle of carrying extra clothes. Keep the weather and number of days at the destination in mind to decide the kind of stuff that goes inside your suitcase.

You may also carry a hang bag along. Just keep it for the items you would need during the journey or immediately afterwards. It is advisable to carry essentials such as medicines, toiletries, tissues and gadgets for entertainment.

Pack light and keep ticking the items you’ve dumped on the checklist. You can’t imagine how good that would feel!

That’s that! You’re all set to fly. Well done because you just managed to pack luggage in 30 minutes!

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