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How To Survive In Economy Class For 16 Hours

Date 27 Apr 2015 | Posted by Anum Sharf

Economy Class

This article is for all my readers who have traveled in a long-haul flight and know how it feels to sit in a coach seat for 16 hours. Trust me I know the feeling; I have been there too. Sitting in an economy seat adjusting with the surroundings and thinking of the seat as your home for the next 16 hours is not a good feeling at all. As a vacationer, it is obligatory that you have the skills and knowledge to survive in economy class, especially when it in a long-haul flight.

I am also a fellow traveler just like you and the first time I traveled for 16 hours in a coach seat, believe me it was a nightmare. But the second time when I traveled, I was mentally, physically and personally equipped for the long haul flight.

Get All The Entertainment Gear Packed

Entertainment Gear Packed
Is your tablet, iPad or Kindle charged? Have you stocked them up with all the movies and TV seasons that you want to see? Are all your-books ready? If not, then get it ready. And while you at it; add a cheeky game as well. Whenever you are traveling for a 16 hours long flight, make sure you get all your devices charged and fill them with all kinds of entertaining things. For all the travel bloggers, I would suggest that you use those 16 hours in making notes about your flight for a next catchy article.

Getting Contented – Make Yourself Comfortable

Make Yourself Comfortable
Put on the best Sunday attire –what I mean here is wear something you would have worn on a lazy Sunday while staying in bed watching movies all day long. Here is my suggestion of apparel for both guys and girls.

Girls – Leggings, t-shirt or tank top, cashmere shawl and woolen socks incase the air conditioner goes high.

Guys – Wear shorts or trackies, a light t-shirt, a jumper and a pair of wooly sock.
Don’t forget to bring an eye mask and ear plugs, a throw up blanket and a traveling pillow…with all these things, you are all ready for a long haul flight.

Shut Your Self From The World – Time To Sleep

Shut Your Self
Something we all want to do on a long haul flight is sleep as much as we can. Well, when it’s time to shut your eyes and get lost in the dream world, then its best that you take out your ear plugs and eye mask and put them on. This will help you take a peaceful nap and keep you away from all disturbances.

Always Ask For An Exit Row – Extra Leg Space!

Exit Row
Whenever I arrive at the airport, while getting my boarding I ask the agent if the exit row is taken or not? If the seat is available then I always take it because this means extra leg space. So I would recommend that if you are traveling for a 16 hours flight in coach then go for the exit row seat.

Don’t Just Sit, Move A Little too!

Don’t Just Sit
Sitting for a longer period of time can cause you deep vein thrombosis (swelling in legs). So try to move around if you are traveling in a long haul flight, because once I traveled for 21 hours continuous and I didn’t walk around and when the flight landed, I could barely move. My legs swelled and looked like two big fat sausages. So don’t make the same mistake I did and move a little!

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