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Terrific Things To Do In Milan

Date 22 Dec 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul


The paradise of shopping, the hub of fashion, home to an outclass opera house and countless wonders, the bustling Milan has everything a tourist can dream of! Hardly would have anyone thought of Milan being one of the most vibrant tourist destinations despite the massacre caused after World War II.

Whether you know this stylish metropolis for Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Duomo, pizza or Leonardo’s Last Supper, it would be the perfect start to your Euro tour!

Here are some of the amazing things to do in Milan to have a great break!

1. Gaze In Amazement

The various sites of Milan would leave you in awe. You can’t miss out the Dynamic Duomo from your trip. Mostly the first stop when visiting Milan, tourists love to admire this majestic cathedral that took five centuries to reach to its finishing stages. Since it lies in the heart of the city, the breathtaking views from the roof is a heavenly experience.

You might assume getting tickets for Prada’s fashion show is tough; it’s a wishful thought to be getting easy access to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper. If you’re lucky enough, there’s nothing like gazing at the mind blowing art work and fifteen minutes would pass by quickly while you’re busy admiring.
The spectacular La Scala is one of the best sites of Milan; magical performers, world class singers, brilliant ballets and the outstanding orchestra define this opera house perfectly. Tourists often miss the chance to grab tickets to the performance, but there’s still a chance of a guided tour to this marvelous opera!

2. Eat Like A Local

things to do in Milan
Milano is one of the most expensive cities and tourists might have a tough time managing their funds. Among the top things to do in Milan, you must eat like the locals do. The culinary culture of Italy stands out for being unique. Abandon your fast food craving for a while and indulge in the culinary greatness of Milan. One of its many specialties is the must-have Risotto alla Milanese, a perfect hue infused with a sufficient amount of saffron. Costoletta is a delicious and unique form of a cutlet that you must try when in Milan. Europeans are fond of pork and in Milan it is perfected by Cassouela. Offered in a combination of cabbage stew, it is guaranteed to delight foodies! You must have come across various recipes of minestrone, but no one does it better than the Italians.

Panettone and Cannocino are some of the other delightful specialties of restaurants in Milan. There is no better place to please your taste buds! And you can’t possibly miss the aperitivo crawl; the pleasing moment of taking a break and enjoying drinks along with people you like. Italy is famous for it; but Milano has sure perfected it!

3. Shop Your Heart Out

You surely haven’t done justice to your trip if you haven’t explored this side of the trendy capital. Known to be the hub of Italy’s finance and fashion, shopaholics would find nothing like it! Let’s begin by breaking some news to delight the shopaholics. Milan is surely the best place for tax-free shopping. Sadly, there is many that tourists won’t be able to afford. However, it is a pleasure even to explore the mind blowing Quadrilatero d’Oro.

Window shopping never harms either! Fashion lives in Milan, and you’ll experience it on the streets where the style sense of locals parading up and down would impress you a great deal! Whether you’re a fan of Armani, Gucci or Versace; Milan has the best of all!

4. Missed Out Venice?

canals of Venice
Wanting to visit the wondrous canals of Venice? Discover them in Navigli! One of these is a wonderful master piece of none other than Leonardo da Vinci. Whether you take boat tours or walk around these beautiful canals, it’s a perfect time out in Milan! If you’re an artist, heading to Navigli would turn out to be heavenly.

A breath taking city of countless hidden treasures, there are surely endless things to do in Milan!

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