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Thanksgiving Travel Tips You Need To Know Before You Travel

Date 21 Nov 2017 | Posted by Linda Paul


Every year the number of American who travel for Thanksgiving increases. This year it’s been reported that nearly 51 million Americans will be flying home to be with their families. Yes, 51 million! The large numbers has made this Thanksgiving the busiest holiday travel weekend in over a decade. Major carriers started rolling out massive discounts a couple of months in advance, and the masses welcomed the discounts. In order to survive the filled to the brim airports and stressed out travellers we’ve created Thanksgiving travel tips that you’ll be grateful for.

1. Worst Airports Worth Avoiding During Thanksgiving Weekend

Brace yourselves if you’re flying from one of these airports this weekend. These airports are going to be the busiest and congested in the run to the Thanksgiving weekend.

1. Newark Liberty
2. San Francisco
3. Oakland
4. Sacramento
5. Chicago O’ Hare
6. Houston Hobby
7. Oakland
8. New York
9. New York- La Guardia
10. Dallas Love Field

2. The Best Airports During The Thanksgiving Weekend

If your flight is leaving these airports you can take a sigh of relief. Rest assured your travels will be less stressful and easier to navigate as well. If you still have to book your flight home, then we strongly recommend that you try your best to fly from these airports.

1. Atlanta Hartsfield
2. Myers
3. Honolulu
4. Charlotte Douglas
5. Salt Lake City
6. Phoenix Sky Harbour
7. Washington National
8. New Orleans
9. Portland, Oregon
10. Tampa

3. Top Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Book non-stop flights- if possible try to book non-stop flights to your desired destination. If there are delays you don’t have to worry about miss your next flight. There are also less chances of things going wrong when you’re flying on a non-stop flight. Book a flight that’s leaving early- if you’re flying earlier in the day you’ll have more chances of avoiding congested traffic. Also, if for some reason your flight is either cancelled or delayed you’ll have a little cushion to make to your destination.

Opt For Smaller Airports-its smarter to fly from smaller or secondary airports. Even though these airports are the ones that might be the first to face problems or shutdowns, the bigger hubs are where the traffic gets snarled.

Leave early- Make sure that you leave hours before the flight in order to avoid (or sit through) traffic. Leave ample time for going through security as well. It’s not fun sitting at the airport lounge waiting for the flight to start boarding, but it’s even worse when you miss your flight.
Avoid checking in your luggage- Pack lightly so you don’t need to check in your bags. A small carry on is ideal for a weekend away with the family, so avoid over packing. There is always chance of bags getting stolen or lost, and you don’t want to go through such a stressful experience just before Thanksgiving.

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