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The Booking Mistakes You Were Making All Your Life

Date 4 May 2016 | Posted by Linda Paul

The Booking Mistakes

Despite having a very long experience with arranging your travels, you would be surprised to find out the plenty of booking mistakes made. You don’t have to fret over it, because even the so-called experts end up making these.

Booking airfares is not an easy task. After all, it takes a great deal of effort in arranging finances, fixing your schedule, finding appropriate routes and matching the lowest airfare against all these complications.

If you wish to survive the modern travel market and book the airfare on your own, here is a guide to avoid the most commonly made booking mistakes.

1. Don’t Forget The Multiple Sites

In today’s time, even when an airfare appears extremely tempting, you simply can’t book without searching for the airfares on multiple sites. Many of us find it painful to shop around and would rush to book, but this isn’t a sensible option if you’re looking forward to get the cheapest fare.

There’s logic behind it as well. Every site works differently when it comes to the search results. You might find different prices for the same ticket through multiple search engines. If you’re interested in a particular fare, you can also sign up for the email alerts. In this way, you’ll get notified when the price drops down.

2. Alternate Airports

Alternate Airports

Just because you’re flying to London doesn’t mean Heathrow is the obvious choice. Of course, it is something you could consider but never rule out the possibility of flying to alternate airports. They may be slightly out of the zone, but usually offer you the chance to fly frugally.

Nearly all travel destinations have one major airport travelers fly in and out of. If you restrict your search to these, you’re less likely to find the cheapest fares. To find the best possibilities, select the ‘All Airports’ option.

Flying through the alternate airport might mean an extra drive. Calculate the time and money for this and assess if it’s feasible to choose that particular airport.

3. Clearing The Cookies

Never forget to clear the cookies. Experts say it all the time. Your browser history can end up showing you higher airfares. Some of these experts show that even the type of computer you use can have an impact on the airfares.

Cookies are great in a lot of ways. Websites identify you through the cookies. Everytime you return to a website, you don’t have to log in. But not clearing the cooking when bookies airfares mean you end up searching for the higher fares. Experts believe that airlines somehow guess you’re willing to pay for a certain fare and would show you a higher price the next time you log in.

Even if you don’t wish to clear the cookies, you can search through another browser or through another device.

4. Weekend Travel

booking mistakes

One of the most common booking mistakes made is to fly out on Friday or Sunday. Airlines know what you are paying for. Mostly, only leisure travelers or vacationers opt for flights on Friday or Sunday. This is why airfares tend to be higher for those days.

It’s best to be flexible and avoid these days if you’re looking for a cheaper fare.

5. Inflight Experience

Unfortunately, a lot of travelers totally give up on the idea how important inflight experience is. When you’re confused between two airfares that are relatively the same, it is important to compare the inflight experience. The airline seat, food offered and the entertainment facilities are important factors to consider other than the price when booking a flight. You can’t rule these out because the quality of your trip makes a huge difference.

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