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The Brilliant Beaches in Mexico

Date 15 Dec 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Brilliant Beaches

Mexico has been a top tourist destination for North Americans since a long time. Along with that, tourists from Europe keep pouring in to explore this wonderful destination. The country is famous because of its breathtaking views, rich culture and the hospitable locals. When it comes to beaches, Mexico is a tourist’s haven because of its endless sunny days. It is much more than the beaches, the amazing resorts surrounded by some star attractions make them a must to visit when in Mexico.

If you wish to sunbathe or splash in the serene waves, the beaches in Mexico are ideal for you. The picturesque scenes and endless adventures would take your breath away!

Let’s dive into the finest beaches in Mexico.

1. Cancún

It is always a delight to pack and travel to warmer spots in the world. The majestic coastal line of Cancun wins the show for being the finest beach. Stretching at about 13 miles, you’ll witness some of the beaches too beautiful to be true! Planning a holiday to Cancun? Get a beach towel and get ready to bathe in the sun along with sipping the finest margaritas. Cancun has a number of great beaches and Playa Defines wins the show. The blue water of the sea stands out and so does the sandy part. Enjoy the flight of pelicans and indulge in the exciting water sports at this marvelous beach. Playa Tortugas is a famous among tourists traveling with their families. The oceanfront restaurant at the beach is an excellent spot to try the best sea food Cancun has to offer!

2. Riviera Maya

beaches in Mexico
 When traveling to Mexico, Riviera Maya is the best destination to explore the history and culture and the world’s best beaches. Its white sand beaches extend to about 200 kilometers. Since it’s famous for its coastal landscape, it is a haven for adventurers. Among the best of these beaches in Mexico is the Maroma Beach. The hotels located nearby are the best way to explore the stunning nature of the beach. Mexico’s Caribbean coast is home to some amazing wonders and Paraiso beach is one of them. When visiting the historical ruins of Tulum Mayan, indulge in the incredibly calm waves, the spectacular white sand beaches and all the delights associated to it.

3. Mazatlan

The tropical climate and warm days all year round make it an amazing place to land at in Mexico. The city holds significance for its countless sites as well as the lovely sand beaches. If you’re planning for a beach holiday at Mazatlan, you’re in for endless adventures. Once a celebrity playground, a lot has changed there. Many people traveling to the city have to make a hard choice between the culture and sand-sun combination. Stroll along the shore when the tide is low while a high tide invites tons of adventures. Surfers fall in love with the mind blowing Pearl of the Pacific. Palaya Sabalo is also one of wonderful beaches in the Golden Zone. Explore the marvelous Mazatlan by exploring the best beaches along with the delicious sea foods located nearby.

Mexico is a land full of mind blowing wonders and exploring the amazing beaches in Mexico is what travelers must not miss!

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