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The Magical Day to Buy Airline Tickets

Date 24 Nov 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

buy airline tickets

Life keeps becoming more complicated when our wishes and limited resources clash against each other. Among them is the dream to trot around the globe. Since the airfares remain sky high, we often find ourselves struggling with our dream like plans.

The cost of flying is certainly high and you’ll witness the web brimming with expert opinions of how to get access to cheap airfares. Booking early, traveling on the holiday itself, and making use of the mileage program of an airline are some of the advices that you must have come across while booking yourself a flight.

Since there are so many of them, we can end up in a confused state of mind because implementation of all of them can be a task!

Among them is the famous debate of which day you should opt for to buy airline tickets.

Friday …

Yes, this is quite confusing! Since it is one of the most frequently asked questions of shoppers hoping to book a cheap airfare, it is worth finding out. Let’s see what wins for being the most hit day for booking a flight.


You might consider it a myth until it magically starts working for you. Tuesday has become the recent talk of the town to book cheap air tickets. No, it’s not an arbitrarily chosen time of the week.

But why Tuesday?

Since most of the airlines start to launch their amazing sales in the closing hours on Monday or during the early part of Tuesday, you can get a fine chance of getting hold of these appealing deals. Since the aviation market has become increasingly competitive, all other airlines get into the rat race to offer even more competitive fares for their valued customers. No airline would wish to land on the fourth or later page of the web search and would happily lower their fares. The buying window for these sales is only up for a limited time and only the smarter ones will be able to access them.

Why wouldn’t you want to avail that chance?
Remember, Tuesday around 3 PM, ET!


Couldn’t look for the deal you’ve been anxiously looking for on Tuesday?
Fret not! Sunday is also a great time to buy airline tickets as claimed by many of the recent studies on this matter.

Sunday, really?! This idea was brought forward through the famous report released by Texas A&M University. The report claimed that the airline fares are likely to become 5% cheaper when booked on a weekend, especially Sunday.

This may be because of a number of reasons. Credit needs to be given to social media because discounts can be updated to the passengers during any time of the week.

You would certainly come across contradictions in these findings as there are many loopholes that are open to criticism. The truth is, there is no perfect answer.

So do we really need to consider the best to buy airline tickets?
Yes, the time and date certainly matters as the fares keep changing because of the ever rising competition in the market. It is worth keeping a watch!

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