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The Most Commonly Made Travel Booking Mistakes

Date 18 Nov 2015 | Posted by Linda Paul

Travel Booking

Exploring the world of unknown is something many of us wish for. We tend to drift from reality and escape into the dream like world of traveling. It all sounds great until you have to begin planning for your trip. Most of us find that task nightmarish and challenging. From selecting your destination to adjusting hotels and sightseeing in your limited budget can be a very hard task. If you lack experience, you might end up making some common travel booking mistakes. Surprisingly, even avid travelers around the world have the possibility of committing them.

Since it is all a huge experience in our life, why not learn from these mistakes and make your traveling the most experience of your lifetime? Let’s take a look at the most common of these mistakes and learn some ways in which they can be easily avoided.

1. Terms and Conditions

Take a trip down memory lane and remind yourself of all your experiences of booking. How often do you thoroughly go through the terms and conditions of the airline you are opting for or the hotel you are booking for yourself? Many of us take that part of booking for granted and tend to quickly skim through it causing troubles for ourselves in the near future. Ensure you read these terms thoroughly, look for any added costs and see if it is still worth wile to book. Keep everything in consideration before you hit ‘accept’.

2. Location Matters a Huge Deal!

travel booking mistakes
When booking a hotel, most of us have a priority of confining to the budget. Doing so, at times impulsive decisions are made. When finalizing your booking, ensure that it is location in a prime location and is accessible to the public transportation of the city. Location matters a lot and you must do your homework before selecting a hotel.

3. Quality Matters More

Trying to do a lot in the limited days of your trip is one of the travel booking mistakes. Doing so, we are often in a rush to reach the next destination even when the current one has not been completely explored. It also adds to the cost of your traveling because of hotel and transportation costs. Avoid this by planning sensibly by not trying to do a lot in a single trip.

4. Flight Timings

Flight timings
When booking a transit flight, a lot of us wish to save our time in the best possible way. Doing so, we often rely on the airlines and allow them to do calculation for us. Prepare yourself mentally while planning that a lot of things could potentially go wrong so ideally you should allow at least one and a half hour gap between the connection flights. It is particularly true for large airport where queues and customs can take a long time. This allows you to make it to the next flight right in time!

Enjoy your travels by avoiding these common travel booking mistakes.

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